Chymall: Is it Scam or Legit?

Chy MalI also known as Sairui  mall is an international online shopping mall just like eBay, Alibaba, Jumia, Amazon, Kikou, and the rest. The CEO/ Founder is a Chinese by name by Mr. Zhang Yuan known as one of the first 10 most successful Chinese Entrepreneurs. Yuan Zhang, a Chinese Pharmacist is the CEO of SAIRUI HOLDINGS GROUP OF COMPANIES. Chy Mall E-COMMERCE is the 6th company in the Group of companies.


Chy MalI was founded in the year 2008 but was brought to Africa, Ghana to be precise, on the 29th of March 2019, with its head office in Accra. Chy MalI is a Chinese multi-billion dollar online shop that pays her members/users a certain percentage of the returns through a system called NEW RETAIL. The members can buy and sell their products online, and remember, they do the selling for you.


Chy Shopping Mall came with the new century concept known as THE NEW RETAIL PLUS. This concept states that customers should not just be profit providers to the people they buy from, but also should earn profits when they buy things. The summary of this concept is that you buy from Chy Mall at a wholesale price while at the same time you choose whether they should resale it for you at a retail price (with profit) or ship it straight to your destination.


However, with regard to the company, we are not just told but also in practice Chy MalI gives 80% of its profits to its members. Chy Shopping MalI is gaining ground more and more because it is the first to use the concept of “new retail” that is never used or seen among the others like Jumia, Konga, Alibaba, etc.


After registration, you will be required to fund your account in order to activate your VIP package. This means that first, you fund your account, and then use the fund to activate your account and start trading.


There are only two ways to Activating your Account:

Converting your Chy Mall Points to Consumption Points:  After recharging/funding your account, the company will load your wallet with Chy Mall Points and you have to convert the required amount for registration to Consumption Points. This then means that the required Chy Mall points needed for the registration have to be ready and converted to consumption points. CONVERTING TO CONSUMPTION POINTS is done for registration amount only.


On Chy mall’s online New Retail platform, Chy Mall allows customers to buy goods from them at a retail price, this then also allows the customer to buy two of the same goods at wholesale price that is 60% discount from the wholesale shop. This means that when you buy a single from the retail zone, you should also buy the same product at the wholesale zone and at discount (60%), the discount is where your profit lies when the company later sells it for you.


After buying at the wholesale shop, the company gives you two options; either they sell for you or ship to you in your country or wherever you are. If the company sells for you on the mall at RETAIL PRICE in the span of 10 days, you make a PROFIT payable to you after tax deductions. Profit after tax made in 10 days is 5% of total investment and over 7% of trading capital that is about 15% profit of your one-time payment every 30days.


CHY Mall e-commerce allows members of its community (VIP subscribers) to buy products from its New Retail platform. By virtue of this purchase, they qualify to buy two of the same product at a wholesale price of 60% less the retail price from the wholesale shop of the e-commerce. The two additional products bought at wholesale price are then featured on the e-commerce at 100% retail price and would be sold for you by the company within 10 ten days. Nonetheless, the company also gives you another option of shipping the products to you if you choose not to sell the products on the CHY Mall platform.

In a situation whereby the products are sold for you by the company, your profit after tax deductions plus your trading capital will be automatically credited to your account. The profit after tax of each trade cycle (10 days) is 5% of your total investment (VIP Package plus trading capital).


This is how it works:

1. The first thing for you to do is to register and invest your money. This investment will be used in buying and selling real physical products that will yield 5% profit every 10 days.


2. After buying at the wholesale shop, the company gives you two options; either they sell for you so you can make profit or ship to you.


3. The company sells for you on the online mall at RETAIL PRICE within 10 days, and then pay you back your capital plus your 5% interest. After which you can reinvest or withdraw anytime.


Subscribing to CHY Mall accords you the opportunity to:

Earn 5% profit every 10days for years without any referral.


Earn residual income between $20 – $600 everyday if you choose to invite others to the business.


Be part of a global business as CHY Mall is currently present in 17 countries of the world.


Own a home-based, online-based and/or part-time business for life with one-time subscription.


Win international trips, cars, laptops, etc.


Receive CHY Mall’s therapeutic Quantum energy products upon activating your registration.


Enjoy easy withdrawals of profits and trading capital at any point in time via Peer-to-peer, Bank transfer or Bitcoin.


Enjoy all inclusive compensation plans available to everyone – investors, networkers, customers, merchants, etc.


CHY Mall features 5 packages known as VIP levels as every member of the CHY Mall community is a VIP.

There is one-time registration fee plus free product attached to each VIP package thus:

VIP1 – Free Anti-radiation phone sticker
VIP2 – Free Quantum beauty spray
VIP3 – Free Quantum energy eyeglasses
VIP4 – Free Quantum men’s pant
VIP5 – Free Quantum facial mask

Note: VIP 1 registration fee is $25 (N9500). Trading is not feasible on this level. Partners here can only earn via referral bonuses.


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