Great List Building Strategies for Maximum Traffic and Income

List Building

What is list building?

List building in its totality is concerned with relating with a targeted prospective subscriber by giving them excellent information as cajolement for their subscription. It is only after one has become a subscribed member that you can start sending him/her promotional oriented emails which are vital and useful to your overall marketing.

Email marketers are provided with two advantages to make them successful, these are the squeeze page and opt in forms which are created by the autoresponder providers and are enclosed into the HTML code of the squeeze page template. Every visitor that gets into your squeeze page enters in their name and email address and they will subsequently be added to the mailing list database which will make them active subscribers of your newsletter.

List building enhances the cajolement process of turning prospective subscribers into active customers, due to the verity that adding a prospect to your mailing list creates a relationship between you and the prospect that will give birth to a trial and series of sales and that is where the monetary value lies.

Therefore, for a successful building of a valuable email marketing promotion, there are tools that are vital and needed, they include;

1. Squeeze Page

A squeeze page provides the opt in form and a place for your prospects to trace you, consider what is on your table and decide to become an active subscriber on your list. A squeeze page is just like a sales page whereby its primary role is to drag in customers and convince them to subscribe to your list. The act of convincing is vital in generating quality performance squeeze pages, and you must place emphasis on ensuring that the visitors are directed to fill in the opt-in form, or else they will not be added to your list.

You have to specifically direct your prospective subscribers to input their name and email address as well as encourage them to confirm their request to join your list for double opt in users. You must have in mind while improving your squeeze page that it should convince visitors in the same ways traditional sales page would, though the nature of your squeeze page will be different. The difference between a sales page and a squeeze page is that, sales pages are totally created to give much information about a particular product or service because the main aim is on converting a visitor into a customer. While a squeeze page has nothing to do with converting or convincing a visitor to make a purchase or commit to anything rather, a squeeze page is to make a visitor take a decision to subscribe to your mailing list while you reward them with a free product.

Having a reward in mind while you develop a squeeze page, you need to strongly aim at your market and direct your offer around an existing problem, need or question. For you to figure out a great reward, you will have to do justice to your market as well as rivalry offers in order to create a relevant product that is in demand and possibly get the interest from your target audience. Squeeze pages are meant to offer a clear navigation system, a basic structure and template and a compelling offer. In summary, a list building channel should have these three major parts:

1. Follow up emails and broadcasts

2. Squeeze page with opt in form

3. Compelling high quality offer or incentive

2. Professional autoresponder accounts

Professional autoresponder account allows you to set up unlimited number of mailing lists with everyone having a customized code that acts as your opt in box. It should be in segments so as to direct your emails and allow you relate directly with the targeted group of subscribers that are interested in specific information or topics.

3 Giveaways

Incentive or giveaway is critically the most vital on your squeeze page. You will be losing your marketing efforts if your incentive doesn’t convince visitors into subscribing. Which means one needs an enticing offer to get your target market. That is, the quality and relevance of your offer   to your market will determine the number of your new subscribers. To achieve this, one has to put into consideration the different types of products sold successfully in online marketplaces then you generate a shorter version of a hot selling product and offer it for free to any prospective subscriber. Your ability to giveaway similar products that your competitors are selling gives you an upper hand of recruiting visitors and subscribers to your site. Here are a few things that could serve as incentives.

  •  Free eBooks
  •  Video tutorials
  •  Free templates or graphics
  •  Free reports
  •  Free tutorial guides

The importance and current demand of a product is the key to generating a giveaway. Making sure that your target audience is actively searching for similar information plus a successful sales record in the marketplace. Doing that will ease the tension of building a great list of targeted prospects who will be ready and excited after your emails and broadcasts have been read.

For those with intention of promoting an eBook or e-course, the best method of building a gigantic mailing list while creating new business for your product is by offering a vital little chapter of your product. By doing that you are providing new subscribers with a sample of the quality of your work while creating a buzz around your upcoming launch.

With a well written product or service, it will uniquely easy to build a subscriber base of people who will likely purchase the full length version when it has been launched. It is also a canny method of creating a wide spread campaign for your upcoming launch as people pass around the leaked chapter amongst family and friends.

For those who want to outsource their project to experienced freelancers, you can get a reliable professional from any freelance marketplace. While at that, make sure you provide a clear outline of what your project entails to your freelancer and keep following up by requesting updates and reviewing the content as it is created.

Some might opt to use private label rights material to generate the initial giveaway product. But you might consider being cautious as it is vital that you start building a concrete relationship with your subscriber base from the start. This implies the product you will use as incentive should represent your quality and overall brand. Using private label content will mean committing time to reviewing the material so that it blends with your personal style. You are trying to make people get familiar with your brand and become acquainted with your work, so giving it the best shot by cross checking and upgrading the content will help improve a product that is exceptionally yours.

Common Mistakes Made By Email Marketers.

  1.  Poorly Organised Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are the entrances to your email marketing system and its failure to convert a visitor into a subscriber will make you toil hard to build your list. A squeeze page needs to be precise, neat and simple. Your only motive for your visitors is to subscribe to your newsletter which implies that you have to screen your external links and pay attention to your opt in form.

Limiting the graphics associated with your squeeze page is also vital, to enable it load quickly and not act as distraction to your visitors. For you to generate an awesome squeeze page that convinces visitors into subscribing to your list, consider the different types of incentives that can be offered.

Ensure your visitors understand what is in for them and what exactly you are putting on the table to assist them with. While developing the main content for the squeeze page, consider highlighting or colorizing, underlining vital information so that you can direct their attention to the areas of squeeze page that you intend for your visitors to pay special attention to.

2. Failing to Split test

Split testing squeeze pages are vital ingredient for a good email marketing campaign. No matter how well you design your site or critically analyse each section making accurate predictions on how well visitors will respond to the offer is impossible without comparatively testing alternative layouts.

The simplest way of testing your pages and analysing conversion rates is through the use of Google’s website Optimizer, which is a free tool that aids one to run simple split tests of any website. Test split should be taken one element at a time. Because you are split testing various layouts plus the entire structure, you need not get it right the first time as long as you remain diligent to your work tweaking your copy until you are able to maximize conversion rates.

The moment you realize what headline works best, use another element of your squeeze page, like the opt in box frame, colour scheme or summary of your offer.

3. Not using a Professional Autoresponder.

So many email marketers underestimate the power of a professional autoresponder but the verity still remains that there is power in creating an account with a professional autoresponder provider. These are the various ways that explains how important it is to set up an autoresponder account;

  •  Deliverability Assurance

You can actually spend a lot of time drafting the best broadcast or email with no one reading it at the dead end. Here is why creating a mailing list with an outstanding autoresponder service team is vital, because it ensures that your emails get to their targeted destinations. Their work is to maximize deliverability rates and ensure a connection is established between you and your subscriber base fast and at ease. Professional autoresponder providers basically offer a fast email check before sending out your email to scan your mailing and know whether it has the possibility of being filtered by anti spam tools. This gives you the advantage of editing your mail so that its possibility of getting into the recipient’s inbox is increased greatly.

  • Important Features

Using the various features available within the autoresponder account helps in maximising open rate and overall response rates plus average opt out rate, which gives you an advantage of getting to know if any complaints have been sent in regarding your recent mailing. Maintaining a flow with your subscriber base and the nature of their response to your emails will help in developing your mailing and direct your campaigns to specifically relate with those who subscribed to your list. Detailed statistics for the entire newsletter are reviewed when logged into the autoresponder administration panel.

It is important to note that switching autoresponder providers after successfully building a mailing list is quite dangerous because your existing subscriber will have to re-subscribe to your new list and some might not, thereby leading you to lose the subscribers permanently.

  •  Keeping your mailing list safe

Frequent back ups are usually sent by professional autoresponder providers just in case your database becomes corrupted or inaccessible. It is vital because no one wants to dedicate himself/herself in generating a great deal of subscribers and lose them all within the twinkle of an eye. Autoresponder service providers also deal with the enablement to write as many as newsletter messages as you can with the setting of dates and time you desire to publish them. This implies that your messages or emails can be written all at once and then you can set specific dates and time you want it sent to your subscribers.

4. Promoting unrelated Products.

Building brand awareness while developing a relationship with the subscriber base is vital as it will lead to trust from your subscribers while product recommendations made by you will make it worthwhile by converting subscribers into constant customers. Each mail sent to subscribers should be targeted towards enhancing your brands recognition for value. This implies that one has to be cautious with the products being promoted including the quality of products endorsed. Because endorsing a less qualitative product will damage the trust your subscriber base have for you because their expectations were not met.

Therefore reviewing every product you intend to promote is necessary so as to get acquainted with the product and be equipped to answer all questions that might be thrown to you by the subscriber. The relevance of the product or service you are promoting to your newsletter’s theme and topic is also critical. This is because if your subscriber originally signed up for your newsletter to receive information on “Basket Ball skills” they won’t be responsive or interested if you divert to sending content relating to Eating healthy. Keep your mails focused and relevant. But in case you intend to introduce a new niche or have interest in other market, what you should do is to create individual segmented lists for each niche.

5. Failure to Maintain Quality Content

A great deal of hazardous mistakes made by new and existing email marketers when running their list campaign is failure to create and maintain quality content. Since the aim of creating email lists is to monetise them, you need to earn the right to pass out promotional based emails. Therefore building a relationship with your subscribers by delivering high quality content, free tools and resources and material that is helpful, should be a priority.

After establishing a connection between you and your subscriber base, the next is maintaining relationship by concentrating on a well balanced and great quality content to be sent out for promotions. One excellent way of utilising open rates and responses from your subscriber base is to over deliver on quality content even at the time you don’t have any affiliate programme scheduled launch you planned to promote.

Most individuals easily pick on bad habits, so if they notice that you only contact them when you have a product or service to sell or promote, their trust will wax cold and will lead to loosing subscribers. Basically, building a good responsive and dedicated customer base entails having at the back of your mind that each new email campaign or broadcast should truly offer value and be of great benefit to the subscriber base.

6. Inadequate Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is quite vital because it acts as the bridge builder between you and your customer base. This implies that the more your list members trust you and your product reviews, the more flexible it will be to convert to subscribers and repeat customers subsequently.

Having a personal hosting account that can take up your squeeze pages and websites. Having an online presence is vital as it gives prospects’ clear direction as to how you can be reached and find out more about you.

7. Lack of Segmentation

Aside from the fact that segmenting your lists maximizes the chances of delivering emails successfully, it adequately talks to and targets specific subscribers thereby increasing the rate of response and enabling you build successful broadcasts. For example, if you developed a mailing list treating Basket ball drills, it’s likely that your subscribers who are from various backgrounds are currently at different levels of basket ball drill skills.

So segmenting your list here allows you develop your content based on each group interests and skills level while you build products and services around each segment. Some autoresponder providers give you the advantage of segmenting your lists by having a custom field for your actual opt in form. The custom field will enable you segment your subscribers based on their interest, location and skills.


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