Guest Blogging the Perfect Traffic Magnet

Guest blogging

Guest blogging refers to the process writing for another blog, with the aim of getting exposure, back-links, brand credibility and awareness, getting more traffic and establishing relationships. It is the act of creating a content that will be published on a third party website you’re the Guest blogger’s name. Guest bloggers create contents for blogs that are in the same industry with them.
Guest blogging has no need for payments as it offers advantages to both parties involved (guest blogger and the hosting website). So also featuring a guest post on your blog or website will earn you new perspective and a different flavor of content to your audience because your guests tend to share their contents on your blog with their personal clique.
It is very important to know the topic one should write about when guest posting, a guest blogger shouldn’t just go ahead and write about something he/she is passionate about or a topic he/she feels like writing about, checking the hosting blog or website for other posted contents is the key to do the right thing because your post or content should be about your host readers (what they want to read) rather than about you, since your initial goal is to reach your target audience.

Setting out your goals as a guest blogger is very important, it is vital for guest bloggers to search for the right and worthy blogs to target that is the kind of blogs you intend to submit or post your contents to. It’s no news that there is a lot of spam nowadays all over the internet so making sure one doesn’t associate with them or create any spammy content is vital here. Guest bloggers general aim should be;
For positioning oneself as an industry authority
For earning backlinks
For growing your exposure with the target market which is mostly a new audience.

How can I get guest blogging opportunities

Guest blogging
Google is a good place to start a search, the Google blog search engine is so easy to use as all you need do is type in the name of your niche because the Google blog search indexes only blogs, a list of top blogs in your niche will come up, that is where your search for does who have guest blogging pages begins. But in case you don’t find a satisfactory one, you still can write to a top blogger and inquire if they are open to guest posts. Other search engines like yahoo and Bing are also great to find tops blogs in your niche.

Another point to note is, reading enough blogs in your niche or industry which will make you conversant with a lot of prolific guest bloggers and the blogs they post to, that is another way to find top blogs to guest post for.
Social search is also another means of finding guest blogging opportunities this is because various guest bloggers and bloggers as well share their trending posts on social media especially Twitter, so one can just go to twitter and search for the keyword “guest post” to have access to latest tweets from guest bloggers in your niche or industry then you can follow the link to see which blogs are receiving guest posts or write to them to inquire.
My blog guest is a community of guest bloggers, signing up on the platform will also be a great idea to search for blogs that are accepting guests posts, you can also put up a detailed information about you and specify your interest in guesting posting on particular topic so interested blog owners can reach you.

How to get started.


This is an important aspect of guest blogging, the research here is not for your content that will be created, it is for the blog or website you intent to guest blog to, so you can familiarize yourself with the blog and finding out how you can get your first post published by the host website especially big blogs! Researching about the blog before creation of content and posting will give you an advantage of knowing more about the blog and how it works, what type of content is permitted on the blog and what you can do or add to your content for it to be published fast.


Writing is the main ingredient of guest blogging or posting, so writing a distinctive, comprehensive and edifying content to post is very much important. A distinctive content always does the magic of producing results. Big blogs or website always have enough guest bloggers so writing an outstanding, well researched content can pave way for you to be picked.


For someone who wants to give out the best, this aspect is quite important, the post or content created has to be scrutinized for spelling errors, grammatical errors and the likes in order to post the best of content. Your content has to be really presentable and as straight forward as possible, easy to read for both the and the readers, all these are easily achievable and scrutinizing acts as the icing on the cake!

The most crucial stage for every guest blogger is the submission stage, at this point some decisions defers, that is some guest bloggers would rather write before pitching while others prefer to pitch before writing, either ways a guest blogger has to be extremely polite in his/her email to the hosting blog or website, the email has to be as brief and as detailed as possible because they might be having so many others emails from other guest bloggers, so sending a lengthy rough email will be going to the trash immediately.

Benefits of guest blogging  

Exposure to target audience

Getting the right traffic is the dream of every online business owner or blogger, and guest posting is a great idea for that purpose because its allows you to reach more people and get across to your target audience. It should be noted that a distinctive quality content is the magic not a shabby, spammy and undetailed content. No blogger will post a substandard content on his/her blog or website.

Quality traffic

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to gain quality traffic that often get converted to subscribers, this is because it normally contains backlink to your website.
It has been noticed that guest blogging to the right top blog can attract a magnificent amount of traffic to your website. As guests’ blogs will usually contain a backlink to your website, they’re also great for generating referral traffic from users clicking through to your site.

Expand your network

It gives one the advantage of expanding his/her personal network. Problogger gets as much as 40k visitors every single day, let’s say someone gets a chance to post his/her content on Problogger. Within a period of one week the guest post would have been viewed by at least 10k people. This implies that the same number of people have also noticed your name. You might not see relevance or improvement at the time but consistency will lead to familiarity and subsequently expansion of network, you will easily gain exposure and build your brand by continuously getting highlighted on the top blogs in your niche.

Improve writing skills

Practice makes perfect says an old saying, every chance gotten to guest post is a chance to improve once writing skills because each time you write you tend to be exposed to mistakes and how to rectify them. Every Great writer out there started by practicing and making mistakes and gradually raising to the top. Guest blogging is like leaving ones comfort zone (that is posting on your blog or website only) and that will push you to giving out your best you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed when your content is not published because it’s not good enough.
Search engine authorization and domain name building
Getting guest posts published on high authority sites with backlinks to your site is a big SEO win. The more high quality backlinks your site has, the more authority your site will have, and the more you’ll move up Google’s search rankings.

Generates qualified leads

As guest blogs generate referral traffic, you can station these users into a lead capture process. This is to say, you could link readers back to a high-value piece of content on your site – the full version of which is available through an email sign up. One of the fundamental steps to a successful guest blogging strategy is picking the right websites.
In addition to niche relevancy, you also need to look for sites that already have a steady stream of traffic. This will help you connect with people who are already interested in what you offer as a business. Always emphasize an actionable step when developing the page that you’re bringing traffic to. It should be related to the guest post you’ve submitted to the other blog. Otherwise, your link is nothing more than a disruption in your audience’s journey — a waste of time for them and a lost lead for you.

Grow Brand Awareness

Guest blogging is a great way to establish your authority in your niche. Your aim is share practical tips that aren’t already found elsewhere. Leverage the opportunity to let them know what your company does and how it would solve problems. Also, be sure to instill your brand’s voice into every single post you submit. This will increase your personal brand’s familiarity irrespective of where you submit guest posts.

Improve Your Online Authority

Modern online marketing is all about authority. Even with the best content in the world, it’ll be difficult to convert your audience into loyal subscribers or paying customers if they don’t trust your brand. By contributing to other authoritative blogs, you get the chance to prove your credibility as an information source. It will make your target audience realize that you’re someone who’s recognized by trustworthy brands. And as a result, they’ll be more receptive to any value proposition you may present in your own site.

Grow Your Social Media Following

Guest blogging not only increases the amount of social media shares to your content, it can also boost your follower count and quicken your lead generation efforts. By contributing to an authoritative blog, you are essentially getting them to guarantee your brand. This makes you look good in the eyes of their followers. In most guest blogging provisions, you also get to customize your contributor profile. Here you can include links to your social media accounts. All these benefits will make it easier to win your target audience’s trust and turn them into active social media followers. Remember to reward them by posting regular updates and sharing useful information that aligns with their interests.

To Gain Credibility

The best way to gain credibility is by guest blogging on top blog, your consistency will convince others that you can truly be trusted and that will lead you to more top blogs wanting to have you guest post on their blogs too, it proofs to people that you can be trusted.



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