How Choosing a Good Domain Name and Hosting Package Can Help You Live a Better Life

domain name and hostingYou can distinguish a business because of its structure, window displays, or signs, in the physical world. You can tell that a clothing store is indeed clothing, or a bank is a bank.

However, in the internet, it is entirely different story altogether. The only clue to your online business is your domain name. You do not have visual clues: no look, no store design and no location. Instead, users have to type in a word or set of words to reach your site.

Who can ever tell that Amazon.com sells books? Or that Excite is a search engine? Your prospective visitor has no way of knowing what your site is all about until she finds it and read its content.

What can spell your success on the internet is your domain name. The best asset you can ever have is a good domain name. It can just make your business float aimlessly in space, or make your business stand out in the crowd.

What leads to the prevalence of generic domain names, is the need to provide immediate clues to an online business. Generic names instantly provide the user with an idea of what a business is all about, what to expect and look for in a site. For example, Etoys.com is a toy store.

Your domain name should stand out and be easy to remember, for better branding result. Consider the following tips when creating a domain name:

  • The domain name should be short
  • The domain name should  be plain
  • It should be suggestive of your business category
  • It should be unequalled
  • It should be easy to interpret and pronounce
  • It should be personalized
  • It should not be too complicated to remember
  • It should not be difficult to spell

 Domain names can be registered through many different companies (known as “registrars”)-a listing of these companies is available at ICANN.org. Prices vary anywhere from $8 to $30 per year for each registered domain and you can register for domain names from 1 to 10 years in advance.

Most website hosting companies, as explained later, will handle the registration process for you; make sure you are properly listed as the owner of the domain, when it is registered. Make sure you renew your registration in time, if you have registered a domain name for a specific period. You’d be surprised seeing lots and lots of cases, where website owners have lost their domain name to a competitor by not renewing it in time. Try to renew it on time.

Using Expired Domain to Skyrocket Your Traffic

Domain name provide a big opportunity to make money. I’m not talking about where you buy up names and sell them on for profit, or internet real estate. I’m talking about expiring domains

Thousands of webmasters put in time, effort and promote their site and build up traffic. Many of them end up losing interest and move on, leaving their site active. This means that even though they still own the domain, they’re not actively promoting it. But they don’t need to. The site runs itself. All the automatic marketing system they’ve put in place is still bringing in traffic.

At some point the ownership of those domains is going to expire. You will get a pre-built stream, if you snap up those domains once they come back onto the market. You can choose to rebuild the site, or redirect the traffic to your domain.

It’s that simple. In fact, websites like DeleteDomain.com actually let you reap all the rewards, while it actually does all the legwork.

Be careful when using other sites though. There are some swindlers out there that will sell your subscription, get outdated lists for you, take your money and keep the good domains for themselves. It happens. Than taking a risk with other companies, why not try DeleteDomains.com which does such a great job.

The Host

The internet starts with a host. A host is a server that provides a home for your website on the World Wide Web. A host contains all the files needed to run your website, just as your computer contains all your files.

Why can’t you just keep all those files on your own computer? Because that would mean visitors would have to connect directly to your computer to see your website and that’s not a good idea. It would make your machine run like a tired snail and it wouldn’t be secure.

With a host, you can simply upload everything you need to the server and your users can then connect there to see your site. It allows the site to have all the security and extras it need and also let the site run faster.

Selecting a host is the first important step towards building your internet business

Hosting companies and services vary from totally free, shared servers to large-scale dedicated machines. You’ll have to decide which is right for your business and for you.

Your choice of server will depend on how much you plan to grow in the future and how much money you have available at the beginning.

In my opinion, for commercial sites, free hosting is a waste of time. Your users are going to get blasted with annoying pop-ups every time they surf to your page, it’s going to be impossible to get a decent position in a search engine, and you don’t even get a real business URL.

No one’s going to remember your web address if they have to type:  FreeWebsiteHosting.com/my_ site. Nevertheless, it is possible to move up as your business begins to bring money and choose a cheaper host at the beginning.

NOTE: The customer service you receive once you’ve signed up is the most important factors in choosing a website host. There are many technical issues that can come up once you have your own website, and if you don’t have a truly dedicated hosting company to support you and help resolve these issues when it arises, you could lose your business.

Quite many thriving online businesses fall apart because they chose the wrong hosting company, trust me on this. When hosting is cheap, there is a reason for it. You get exactly what you pay for with website hosting and you should never compromise when it comes to whom to host your website. Click here to learn more about my #1 recommended program which comes with a hosting package which is good for everyone doing business online.


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