How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Free [Time-tested Strategies Inside]

Getting the Basics Right


In the world of the Internet, traffic is king. Your website can have excellent content and it can be a technically good website but may never do much business if people don’t actually come to read the content. If no one reads your website, then it is as good as being nonexistent. Therefore you should be able to get targeted traffic to your website for free.


Since people actually have to consciously visit your website, it doesn’t just have to be good but also prominent. Now it is up to you to learn how to increase traffic to your website free but there are time-tested strategoes which have been proven to work better than any other way.


search engines


By far, the internet’s main traffic centres are search engines. The search engines are like the internet’s airports if we’re going to keep the word “traffic” in its most popular context i.e. vehicles on the road.


If you desire to have your website visited by as many people as possible, then it is important that you submit the site to the search engines. Once you do that, the software used by the search engines popularly known as bots will take the step of visiting your site and getting all the information connected to it on the web. When this is done, it is then given a ranking.


Once your website is on the front page of any search engine – preferably Google, which is by far the most popular – a huge portion of the people who search for relevant sites will find their way to your website and they’ll read it.


position 1 on google


Therefore it is very important to ensure that your website is given every chance of being ranked highly by the search engines making use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ensuring that people interested in it link to it. That will increase its prominence and ensure that traffic breeds traffic.

Submitting Your Site to Search Engines


It was not until after many years the telephones were invented that telephone directories appeared. The internet’s own directory which are termed search engines have become the daily companions to virtually all of us, most of whom make use of them every single day. In fact we have created a verb out of the term “to Google” and it has become a commonly used term and for many people this has become the generic way they describe any online search.




If you desire that your site be seen by a wide audience, then submitting to search engines is vital. This may sound like a lot of work especially if you have had your website picked by search engines in the past without submitting it, but every effort you put to make submissions would be worth it because your website will be picked up more thoroughly, and much quicker than if it wasn’t submitted.


In the world of the internet, the earlier you pick up momentum the more you can increase it.


It is not a whole lot of an effort to put up your website in search engines. Many of the websites have just a simple form to fill in, which virtually entails putting the URL of your website and a few easy remarks and keyword phrases explaining what the website is all about.


Almost immediately, the “crawling” software program will visit your website and begin the procedure for ranking it, and in just a matter of days, your website will be visible to everyone who searches for websites in your niche market.


Word Of Mouth – the World’s Driving Force

word of mouth


There are quite a number of things that became quite successful in the world without an initial marketing campaign.  Many companies often feel that unless they spend money on serious campaigns, they are doomed for failure. And in the process a lot of money is being wasted unnecessarily. It would surprise you how things can without a big campaign, gain a momentum of approval.


Having people come to your website is often not a case of telling quite a number of people about your website but rather ensuring that the right people know.  It is possible for you to go online with your new website thinking “I will publicize this on these social media, in so and so number of forums, and on every blog I can imagine”.


There’s every chance that it won’t bring in as much traffic, and surely not the same level of repeat traffic as posting on the right blogs, the right forums and the right social media.


Word of mouth can do the “magic” once the right people are informed. A very good example is the novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. When it was released, it wasn’t popular with the critics, neither was it the subject of major in-store campaigns.


But as soon as people read it and liked it, they recommended it to family and friends. It wasn’t long before it reached the top of the bestseller charts and a major Hollywood motion picture. It sold much more than many books with bigger ad campaign.

Mailing Lists – A Reliable Source of Traffic

mailing list


When it comes to promoting your website, you should leave no stone unturned. Many things can be done to put your website in the mind of individuals and doing as many of them as you reasonably can would a wise decision.


As a webmaster, the first thing you should strive to do is to give people a chance to become interested. Hence providing good content is non-negotiable. When you do that, people will want to return and read again. If your site is a blog, it will be updated frequently, often at irregular times.


To ensure that the changes on your blog are seen by people when they are still relevant, it is of benefit to have a blog mailing list so that when people read your site and find it interesting, they can sign up for the list. This will see them receive an email every time you update the site, carrying a link to the update so they can directly go there.  People are likely going to click the link and come through to your site if your site is one of their favourite blog.


Putting up a mailing list is not quite a perfect system. Not every blog reader wants to join a mailing list – do not take it personal. Many people simply have an aversion to giving out their email addresses and more so because some mailing list software share their email addresses with more than just the person who collected them. Nonetheless, enough people will still use it to make it worthwhile for you.

Incentivizing Traffic Every Way You Can



“What’s in it for me?” – This is one phrase many human instincts hinge on. We all have probably used it at some points in our lives and have certainly all heard it. This question is a powerful convincer.


A lot of people are reluctant to do something unless they are certain it will somehow be rewarded.  Partly due to that, most business training nowadays for sales and customer service professionals is centred around convincing customers that they have a reason to do something – that they will enjoy a direct benefit from doing it.


One major way of attracting visitors to a website is something we might consider as a “secondary layer”. It means you are already promoting your website by asking people to visit it. Knowing well that people might not want to do something just because you asked them to, it may be beneficial to add a reason for them to want to do it. It can be something as simple as offering a free ebook to people who fill in a form.


The significance of working to satisfy people’s instincts is something that is often missed. Of course you want visitors to visit your website on its own merit but is there any harm in backing this up with a subtle appeal to their personal interest? I think it’s a lot more of common sense.


It is a common thing to see people take a decision to cash in a freebie and then stay on board after realising that they liked the product on its own merit. Giving people many reasons to say “yes” – is no doubt sound business.


Do You Have A Newsletter I Could Subscribe To?



One very important means of attracting people to try out, and to keep on using any service or product is to constantly remind them that such product or service exists and that it is enjoyable.


There are some things that can be kept in people’s affections merely by putting it in front of them – but be it by typing a URL or by clicking a link, people still have to decide to visit your website.


Having a newsletter is one of the best ways around this. When one receives a newsletter in his inbox, as far as he is interested in the subject matter, he is likely going to open the email. And once he has opened the email, he is likely going to keep reading it so long the content is brief enough to be read in the time it takes a standard email to be read. Therefore if you want people to continue reading those newsletters, you need to give them a reason to do so.


Giving people the reason to always open and read your newsletter is your biggest challenge – and quite a number of people choose to do so by continually having special offers. If most of your newsletters contain tips to work on a specific problem, or an order code that saves people money off a product, people will no doubt keep reading it. And if a link to your website is included, they are going to continue visiting.

Widgets – What Are They?



Blogging these days have become a very popular way of passing a message out to the people who may have interest of reading it. Consequently, it has taken off into the mainstream in past couple of years.


People who used to get all their information on magazines and newspapers ten to fifteen years ago now add to this by being regularly blog readers. This has made blogging profitable for people and companies who are experts on the internet.


Many blogs these days have at the bottom of the posts a list of different icons which if hovered over by a mouse, gives you a range of options. Some of these options include the chance to post a tweet on Twitter or add a post on your Facebook feed encouraging people to go and read it.


More options are available besides this, and each of these options give the reader a chance to alert other people to this website. All these options can be added to your blog posts by placing what is called a “widget” on your blog.


Various sources of widgets are available on the internet. A fast search on Google for the term will give you a vast range of options, and by adding a widget to your blog, you will give yourself more exposure to the users of the internet.


If the searching on Google can be overwhelming for you, then you can join this supportive community of online marketers where you’ll learn much more than using widgets.


Using widgets can create a domino effect. Take for instance if a person tweets one of your articles, the people who are his followers are likely going to read it and once they also like it, they may continue the chain. By this, a single click on a widget by the “right” person can lead to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of visitors to your website.

Showing Your Expertise Can Pay Off


The word “expert” has been used too often over time, in some instances being used to describe people who have ever had just a passing interest in a field. For people who pay attention to such things, there’s real gain to being viewed an expert, and to having the ear of a real expert when searching for advice. When trying to get visitors to your website, displaying knowledge in your chosen area is surely no terrible thing.

tennis player


Let us take for instance your field of knowledge is tennis. Since your youth you have watched it, played, talked and also read about it. You then figure out to set up an online store to sell tennis kit.


People are more likely to listen to you if you demonstrate to them that you are knowledgeable when it comes to tennis – and the fastest way you can do this is to exhibit your knowledge online. You can join a tennis discussion board and make posts on there, or you could set up a blog that deals with tennis matters.


It will help if you look at the issue in a relatively progressive way – with flair of humor, or through focusing on a frequently omitted component of it. By doing this, you will  get the reputation of a person who not just writes well, but one who has his own personal thoughts and is really worth following for the clean viewpoint they carry on the subject matter. In the future, any other online business your start is also going to benefit from this reputation.

The Definite Article


No way is better in appealing to people’s interest to your understanding of a subject, and the worth of your opinion on the matter, than through writing about it in a smart and knowledgeable manner. Article writing is one of the popular ways of doing this.


The world of writing in the past was once in the hands of individuals who worked in the industry or had been published authors.


Nowadays, it is much easier to put up a blog, and write about topics you read from other – much less gifted – authors writing about in the dailies. When a blog is good, it can easily pick up a readership. You may as well promote it by way of submitting your written content to article directories like EzineArticles, which will get it published as long as it meets their requirements, and most times push it up in Google’s rankings.


It is a good idea to write and submit articles to online publishers if you are a website owner and you wish to drive traffic to your website. If offers people something to hinge their visit on and show that your website is worth visiting. Getting published online is much easier than in the print media.

Why is My Traffic Decreasing?

decreased traffic

A vast number of people who run websites do keep an eye on the statistics for their websites. This is a good way to know how well your website is being received by people. It is common to see website traffic fall from time to time. When that happens it can lower your confidence and be difficult to figure out.


Having an eye on your traffic can help point to you what you are doing wrong. If you are still confused, it would be worth pondering on a few questions.


Is your website being updated regularly recently and then you didn’t update it for a while at any time over some few months? For many websites, the updated nature of their content material is what brings constant visitors to them. So if the website goes without being updated in a while, the website content will be a little stale.


The writing may not be bad but if the last post is something about a news story that was no longer trending, the website visitors will not be happy and hence they’ll quickly leave the website and this will negatively affect the traffic of the website.


Another question to ask is has there been a change of focus in your writing? It is possible that you may lose it sometimes and think that because people read your other stuff; they will read just any other thing your write. That may not be the case.

Howdy, Partner!

team work


The importance of teamwork can be overemphasized. For a moment, let us focus on the meaning of the word “team”. Let’s look at a sports team. If a soccer team has very gifted outfield players but a very bad goalkeeper, they are going to lose close games because they are going to conceive preventable goals. Therefore a mix of skills is sometimes needed to succeed. As for anything else, this is also true for websites.


That is the reason why it is of much benefit to look for ways that you can partner with other webmasters when you’re looking for more traffic. Take for example if someone asked you about a topic you cannot claim expertise in, it would be wise to ask someone else who is an expert in the field and report back – or you may just allow the expert answer themselves by giving them space on your website.


This shows that you are very transparent and have the integrity to admit that you do not know everything – no one does! And that you are willing to do what it takes to please or help your readers.


Another advantage of is that to the person whom you gave space to, you have built a working relation with him or her that would be beneficial to you in the long run. In doing so, you would have broadened the expertise of your website and have given the guest writer a welcome chance to put to limelight their website – something they will excitedly point out on their own website, whilst throwing a back link to the article where he was featured and to your website in general.

A Helping Hand

freelance writer


To keep a steady flow of traffic to your website, it is important to have good content. But not everybody is a good content writer. Sometimes it is hard for a person whose experience is in selling a product, providing a service or in creating non-verbal content to verbally express themselves.


The unfortunate reality is that sometimes someone that is skilled in a subject matter will set up a website that is ignored just because he lacks the content creation skills he needs to give them a push


If that is the case, the advisable option is to outsource content. Though it is worth trying it yourself because you wouldn’t know how good a writer you are until you try it out, but in areas where you are a bit not so confident with, your best way forward would be to let someone else handle it for you. Content creators that are skilled will write articles that are SEO complaint, readable and descriptive bringing readers to your website in larger numbers while allowing you to showcase your own area of expertise.


It doesn’t come for free. Freelance writers cost money to hire. If you check around online, you can find people who can create decent content at a price that is within reach while letting you concentrate on things you’re efficient at.


If hiring a freelancer is out of your budget, then you need to sit down and practise a little – you will be surprised to realise that you can come up with contents that attract people.


Are there other ways you’re using to increase traffic to your website free? Please share with me in the comments below. Or do you have questions you need more clarification on? I’d love to hear from you and I’ll be available to reply to all of your comments.


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    • I’m glad to hear this article was an eye opener for you and also happy to hear my website is beginners friendly.

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    I’m wondering if you’ve got any cool articles published here that cover email marketing and mailing lists? Do you maybe have any publications you could reply with a link in this comment section? 

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    • Chris, thanks for your questions. I do not have any articles here covering email marketing and mailing lists but I have them on my laptop. I will make it the next article I’ll publish on this blog since you’ve requested for it. There I’ll talk more about how I built my own list. I’ll notify you once I do that. Cheers!

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    Big or small there are some great ideas here.

    • I’m glad to know that you got some great ideas from this article.

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