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A vast majority of people who have tried how to make genuine money online have had many unpleasant experiences jumping from one scam to the other.

The trend is…

…an opportunity seeker finds something online that is probably good. Instead of sitting down to read and understand the whole concept and then taking action where necessary, they find themselves chasing one shiny object to another and thereby being scammed in the process.

If you’re like most people you probably have experience this in the past and you need to pay good attention here and you’d like to read this post to the very end.

There are so many scams out there!

It is not uncommon to see programs that promise you overnight riches – without having to sell, recruit and even without having to do anything other than taking action! And guess what taking that action is; your guess is as good as mine – buying (paying money) into their own opportunity. They’re actually recruiting you but they said earlier you would make money without recruiting!

So you come in and find out too late that you don’t ever make money without selling something to somebody and then you become discouraged and start looking for the next “easy” money making opportunity to join.

Thus the vicious cycle continues and one concludes “nothing really works online.” And other people who never really tried it themselves also buy into the idea that “nothing works online.”

This reminds me of the story of the 8 monkeys…

The story is reportedly based on an actual experiment conducted in the U.S.A. by Dr. Harry Harlow and his associates at the Primate Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin.

Eight monkeys were put in room. There is a ladder in the middle of the room, leading to a bunch of bananas hung from a hook in the ceiling.

Whenever any monkey tried to climb the ladder to get the banana, all the monkeys are sprayed with ice water and that made them very miserable. Soon enough, whenever a monkey attempted to climb the ladder, it got the beating of its life by the other monkeys because they didn’t want to be sprayed. With time, none of the eight monkeys ever attempted to climb the ladder.

One of the first original monkeys is then removed, and replaced with a new monkey. Seeing the bananas and the ladder, it wonders why none of the other monkeys went for them. Undaunted with their action, he starts to climb the ladder. Sure enough all the other monkeys give it a thorough beating. It has no idea why. However, it doesn’t attempt climbing the ladder again.

Another monkey is removed and replaced. The newcomer does the obvious – attempts climbing the ladder, and gets the beating of its life! The previous newcomer, who, grateful that it’s not on the receiving end this time, participated in the beating because all the other monkeys where doing same and that had to done to it before. It had no idea why the new monkey was being attacked.

One after the other, all the original monkeys were removed and replaced. Eight new monkeys where now in the room – none of them ever being sprayed with water while attempting to climb the ladder but all of them enthusiastically beat up any new monkey who tried without having any idea why.

This is what happens online all the time. The people who have had bad experiences develop thick skin to every other opportunity. They don’t stop there, they bully new entrants with so much negativity that they also give up. This goes on to the point that those who never ever tried internet marketing become the worst critics of the system with no concrete reasons.

My own experience

A friend once asked me, “man, why do you believe in the abstract?” I was also told on a $50,000 business grant panel interview that “this online business thingy doesn’t make sense to us” and that was how I lost out on the grant just because I was interviewed by panel members who were aliens to internet marketing.


There are lots of lessons be learned from this story. I’d like you to share with me in the comment box below what you learned from this story.

I can say without mincing words that the Internet is a GOLDMINE!
And you can have your own share of the pie. I am here to show you how.

That said, I’d like to show you the path to something which really works irrespective of what your previous experience have been and what others have told you about internet marketing opportunities.

The best part is that you can try out the system for a BIG, FAT $0!

Wealthy affiliate

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If you have questions or concerns you need me to clarify, drop a comment below and I’ll answer every one of them. Don’t forget to give me your thoughts on the story of the monkeys. LOL

Neksummi Matthias

I've been marketing on the internet since 2007 and I've classified aspiring internet marketers into three groups. First, people who want to make money without putting in the required effort to learn and the capital to get their business started. Second, people who give up easily when things don't work out the way they anticipated and third, people who have learnt a lot, put in much money, have been persistent, yet things haven't worked for them because they weren't doing things the right way or they were on the wrong platforms. If you're in the first 2 categories, I'm sorry I may not be of much help to you. But if you're in the third category or if you're entirely new to internet marketing and you'd like to learn from someone who's mastered the ropes, I'm willing to pour myself into you. Start your journey to internet marketing success today with my number one recommendation.


  1. I learned from reading this story that there are lots of scams still out there, that people really need to be careful of. Your monkey analogy was very creative and really helped me understand what you were trying to say.

    I really think it’s important to keep helping people to stay alert and be careful when trying to make money on the internet.

    Good job.

    • Thanks for stopping by on my website to drop your comment. And I’m glad that my analogy was able to help you understand what I was trying to say.

      Sure it’s important to keep helping people to stay alert when trying to make money on the internet.

  2. It is interesting , and you are right we jump to new programs without even know why. no matter how good it sound to be true. damn i feel like one of the money who have no clue.Do we do it because its what everyone esle is going or do we do it because we believe in it. good question

  3. Hi Neksummi
    That’s a rough story. 🙁 Bit brutal.
    But your point close enough. Perhaps if there were several bunches of banana’s and the gang would punish the monkey that went for an unacceptable or bad bunch than yes.
    Anyway, if your point was to get people thinking that, with all the scams and questionable sites out there, it’s good to have one or two that are positive and that experienced people will encourage others to use, and discourage them (gently) to not go for the scams.

    • Hi Dave,

      You’re right in your submission. Yes, if there were several bunches of bananas and the gang punished the monkey that went for an unacceptable banana, that would be fine. 

      But the point is because people have had bitter experiences in the past, they’ve developed a thick skin to other programmes that are genuine. And some other people who have never had any bitter experience themselves (the monkeys who never had ice water sprayed on them) are in the forefront of those discouraging others from trying their hands on internet marketing.

      Just like you said, experienced people should encourage others to use the good programmes out there and discourage them (gently) to not go for the scams.

      Thanks for taking out time to join in the discussion here.

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