You’re sure in the right place if you are looking for an amazing business opportunity. Try to be as open minded as possible. When you do that, you will sure find an opportunity that you are looking for especially to move your finances from where you are now to the next level. Immeri has such kind of great opportunities.


The information I am about to share in this presentation has changed the lives of so many people all around the world, and it has totally changed my own life. Here you are invited to come and take a look at this business.


Start a Business


There are so many reasons to start a new business. Some people want the time freedom to do 100% of their business at home, so it allows you that freedom. Some people want to increase their income; they are looking for another avenue to simply supplement their income. Some people are looking forward to their retirement income.

Perhaps you want to donate more to your favorite charity. Some people just want to have more to give more. What’s your WHY? As long as you have identified your WHY, your reason, then we have the way and that way is IMMERI, welcome to the IMMERI experience.

Our name IMMERI is really broken into two parts, the first part “IMMER” means Eternity in German language and the letter “I” represent International. IMMERI is an international company that is built to last.


Here at IMMERI our Mission is:

To bring happiness to ourselves and our family that is our mission.


We do this with healthy products. We also have a financial rewards package, a compensation plan that allows for financial freedom. We also focus here on continuous growth and develop your personal growth. I have a mentor who will always say that your income growth will never ever, ever surpass your personal growth. What that means is that in other for you to have more money, you have to grow into a different person and through our IMMERI faith foundation, and we give back to the society where point 0.25 percent of all of the money that comes in as our revenue goes into the foundation.


And so at IMMERI we have core values, is not all about money, money, money, money for the company, you see, we value an idea of sharing than rewarding. We know that it is more blessed to give than to take, and here we have an environment where success breeds success. The more successful people we have, the more successful people come and you will hear more about that later on in this presentation.


So here we actually help each other to succeed. That is the only way to succeed. You cannot succeed here by being selfish. The system will not allow it. You must invest in other people and also we have an environment here of Filial piety which means that we treat each other with respect, love and care. This philosophy combined with a spirit of freedom, integrity, vision, and opportunity form the foundation of our company’s success and that’s why we say here at IMMERI; stay happy and stay simple.


Let me introduce you to our Board of Directors starting with our Chairman and CEO MR LAU CHONG GUAN. MR LAU CHANG GUAN LL.B (Hons) Bachelor of Law 1993, Brunei University of West London, UK. He is an attorney by profession but has been in the Direct Selling industry since 1994 with over 25 years of expereince. He has served in top level management positions in a number of different companies in different countries throughout the entire world. He was appointed as Business Development Manager, General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Consultant in various Direct Selling Companies in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries.


He is a leader with expertise on operation management, strategy, planning, financial management, market development, product development, sales, and public relationship.


He is supported by our group Senior Executive Vice President and President of Southeast Asia Region MR TAN KAM FOO. MR TAN KAM FOO has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA). He graduated from Southern California University (USA). He’s been involved in the direct selling industry for more than 30 years. He has participated in market planning, coordination, implementation and evaluation of marketing activities.


His expertise is in planning, developing, and implementing marketing strategies and directions for the company, executing enhanced approach. He develops new market development plans and strategies for the Southeast Asia region.


And they are supported by our group executive Vice President and President for the Middle East and Africa Region MR YAP WAIYEN, and so it’s thanks to MR YAP WAIYEN that we actually have a business here in Africa. So MR YAP WAIYEN has a Bachelor of law degree LL.B (Hons) 1993 – Brunei University of West London, UK. He has a certificate of Legal Practice, 1995, University Malaysia, Malaysia. He started his career at law firms, financial institutions and IT companies.


He joined the direct selling industry in 2002 specializing in market development strategies synergizing compensation plan, products and training. And so he has also spearheaded and led the charge in opening the direct selling companies to over 30 countries worldwide.


He has held the position of Chief Information Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer in direct selling companies for over a decade. He has also actively participated at Direct Selling Association (DSA) meetings and forums. He is an international speaker and motivator.


Together they have a combined experience of over 100 years in the direct selling industry and corporate management.


And underground here in Africa we have our Regional Vice President for the Middle East and African Regions MS QUEEN KOMODA who says that success in life and business is about learning how to play the game, getting involved and never ever, ever quitting. You see this lovely, lovely and wonderful human being has a Bachelor degree in Management; she has been elected and provided public service for 4 years as a youth councilor, enjoying working with people. She has had over 13 years professional experience in the direct selling industry with corporate management. She’s been a member of the board of Directors, Business Development Manager, Regional manager, Events Manager. She has a strong, strong resume of managerial experience as well as strong leadership.


Our Footprint


In just four years IMMERI has actually opened distributions centers in 8 countries. It started in China in 2016 then unto Malaysia and Taiwan in 2017, then unto Ghana in 2018, Ghana being the key to Africa, followed by the Philippines, Brunei and then Nigeria in 2019.


After expanding into Egypt we are saying that catch the vision of where we are headed, we want to continue our global expansion, what we say to people all the time is that this is going to happen with or without you. But we will rather it happens with you, you have the ability to benefit as we now expand into South Africa, and we expand into Tanzania, into Kenya, into all of this other countries throughout all of Africa, join us and cash our vision in 2020 and beyond. In just the last 4 years IMMERI has already done US$280 million dollars in sales, our company has already grown over 625,000 members worldwide with a 38% Retention Rate.


Our company has already awarded 7,400 members with cruise vacations. Malaysia getaway packages, all both and Ball and Bali or a Dubai discovery, all of these are organized vacations that has been awarded to members and our companies has also awarded over 650 brand new cars to awarding members here at IMMERI including many members in Africa. And our company has awarded 2 amazing luxury Penthouse apartments to two of the Recipients, all of this has happened even before you have even hard about IMMERI.


Our Vision

The opportunity that is here for you


Business Ownership (BY ENG. SADIQ MATCHIKA)

The Opportunity: The IMMERI business truly is as easy as 1-2-3, and is going to happen with or without you, and what you have to realize is that the world is moving, our company is moving and we are looking for people to partner with us, and so whether you decide to do this or not these three reasons exist, is about the timing, if is not the right time for you it will be the right time for someone else and that’s why we say is about the timing. We have just gotten started in Nigeria, Nigeria has about 8,000 members, Ghana 5, 000 members and we only just began. Is all about the trend, people are looking for opportunity, they are looking for a way to own their destiny and is about the market potentials. The global health and wellness industry is now worth  about US$4.5 Trillion dollar industry, so don’t think too much about this, this is an opportunity that can’t pass you by don’t let it.


 About Our Products

We all produce product that only we ourselves will use and as far as possible we use only green and natural raw materials and all of our products are made with Craftsmanship. Meaning all of our products are made with the highest quality.


Our Products

We have our flagship product:

Vaginne:  Maintains and improves the health of a woman’s vagina. It balances good bacteria (lactobacilli) and bad bacteria (anaerobes). In addition Vaginne helps the vagina regain its immune system and increase its defensive power.


Vitide: Vitide beverages which contains peptides from soy protein extract provides the essential peptides and nutrients for vitality and strength.


Adwelle: The digestive enzymes in Adwelle enhance the functional foods we eat making them easier to absorb and boost efficacy, thereby helping to increase metabolism and strengthen immune function.


All our products have patented technology. IMMERI has invested millions in research and technology to bring these products to the world.


Market potentials Africa is the second largest continent in world, the second the most populous continent. 1.32 billion People in Africa with over 30.10 million in Ghana and over 202.20 million Nigeria.  And over 49.1% female, why is that so important, a very high percentage of women in Africa are infected with BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), 1 in every 3 women have bacterial Vaginosis or will have Bacterial Vaginosis in Africa and is not a matter of poor hygiene nor a sexually transmitted infection and it can only be treated with understanding and right diagnosis. It can also occur even if you’ve never had intercourse.

What causes this Bacterial Vaginosis is the habitual use of:

  • Disinfectants
  • Some Traditional medicines
  • Some Herbs
  • Antibiotics
  • Vaginal Wash/Douching
  • Vaginal Deodorants

Anything that changes a woman’s vaginal pH balance can alter the bacteria levels and lead to bacterial vaginosis infection. Again is our major problem in Africa, 25% of women in Ghana and 14.2% of women in Nigeria are infected with Bacterial Vaginosis which causes a foul smelling discharge, vaginal itching gray, white or greenish discharge.


We have the solution, in our Innovative patented Vaginne protects. It enhances the friendly bacteria in a woman’s intimate area and inhibits the bad bacteria, it also reduces the infection and enhances the vaginal self-cleansing and defense.


Moisturizes and Tightens

It repairs cells, it nourishes the ovaries, and it restores the elasticity of the vaginal walls, and there by improves sex life. It gives a fresh Aroma and it also enhances pheromones Excretion use to really attract her partner. In our amazing Vaginne’s , we have all Natural Products:

We have Anti-Bacteria and Immune Peptide

Organic Acids

Seaweed Extract

Hyaluronic Acid

Poly Saccharides

Vitamin E

100% Natural Essential Oil


So to get all of this information about our products, simply go to our IMMERI Growth University.com there you will find all the information, videos, testimonial and all of the information of our amazing products.


Another Challenge:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the center for disease control (CDC)

The number one cause of death globally is Heart disease; and Ghana is the 4th
highest cause of death, in South Africa Diabetes is the second number of deaths and in Nigeria 29% of 2million people are affected by Diabetes, heart Diseases and Cancer. We have the solution our best natural ANTI-AGING products in the world, our amazing Vitide (Adwelle).


Vittide is Vitality with Peptides. It contains Soy Micro Molecule Peptide. Peptide are food for your cells, it helps to increase Immunity and is call the Golden Essence for Life.


Vitide Benefits

  • Protects the cells
  • Slows down aging
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Restores skin and muscles
  • Eliminates muscles
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Helps in weight management

Our amazing Adwelle

Addition to wellness

Plant based enzymes

It helps to breakdown food efficiently

It speeds up the chemical reactions involved in digestion

Adwelle Benefits

  • Improves intestinal health
  • Cleanse the gut
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Prevents blood clots
  • Prevents cancer
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Increase the absorption of food
  • Helps with weight management

We have 5 products lines. Our amazing Vaginne comes from our intimate care products called IMMERcare.


Vitides and Adwelle comes  from our health and functional food lines call IMMERplus, skin and personal care lines call IMMERbelle, we have our kitchen and home call IMMERhome and our lifestyle food and beverages comes from our IMMERlike.


Coming soon we have the best premium female products in the world, HUSHME the most complete skincare set and AUFFAIR cotton soft ultra-thin sanitary napkin. We have 8,000 people in Nigeria, 5,000 people in Ghana who are saying yes every single day. IMMERI offers the power of choice and represents another way you can help people with products they already need and want.


The Compensation Plan


At IMMERI, we get paid in 12 ways, when you share the IMMERI product Line and Income opportunity.

The key word is share. We own 30% to 50% discount on Repurchases, Boost your Retail Business, Deeper Retail Profits. Retail Case Study in both Nigeria naira and US $ dollars.


Sign up agency 295,930 that gives you 20 Boxes of Vaginne in exchange for you money, member price-14,797, Retail price-20,124, Sales Returns-5,327 per box. Imagine you sold all 20 boxes your initial capital 295,930 your profit will be 106,540 naira.


In case of US$ dollars signup Agency is US$805 of 20 boxes of Vaginne in exchange for your money, member price-us$40, Retail price-us$55, sales return-us$15 per box, your profit will be $300 36% of profit.


Repurchase discount, 30% at Agency 295,930, 28 boxes of vaginne, member price-10,569, Retail price-20,124, Sales return-9,555 per box, so in all the 28 boxes sold your profits will 267,540 naira. Imagine 90%.


Building the business through expanding your network here at IMMERI


We earn direct and indirect sponsor bonus when new people join you and your team at IMMERI, people can join us at the Agency level or at the Classic level. When you invited someone and he started at Agency you will earn 5% of the value at Agency part and let’s say that person invited another person, you will earn another 5% when he get registered. Wholesale this is the people that will like to do a high valuable retail business, if you invite someone who owns a pharmacy, or who owns a women clinic or who owns a hospital, they will require to have a high amount of products when they get started at wholesales you will earn 10% of their valid whole sale package.


And then if you have someone that has led to someone that get started at wholesales you will end 5% of their starter package and if someone on your second level was to invite someone on your third level at wholesale you will rule 5% there as well. In US$ when you get someone start at Agency you will earn us$40.00 percent and when you get someone start at classic you will earn us$8.00. You can get started at Pre-Associate level by practicing the classic package, but which ever package you choose you will be on a board.


How it works is you help other people, help others to succeed and through teamwork elevate to the level of Ambassador. Help others to succeed and through teamwork elevate to the rank of 1-star, 2-star and 3 stars Director. Help others to succeed and through teamwork elevate to the rank of manager and Elite Manager. Help others to succeed and through teamwork elevate to the rank of executive and elite executive. Join IMMERI at Associate level and through teamwork elevate to the rank Elite Associate. Join IMMERI at Pre-Associate level and through teamwork elevate to the rank of Elite Pre-Associate.


Board Dynamics in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: When you join, you get on a board where everyone works together recruiting until the board gets full.


Step 2: The 2 people with the highest number of recruits or qualifications on the boards become Elite. The reason why you want to become Elite is because the person in the Elite position makes the most money as the board gets full.


Step 3: As an elite when your new board gets full, you rank advance automatically.


How you are paid on the Associate Board

ELITE BONUS: 57,960 us$161

TEAM BONUS: 11, 520 us$32*7

TEAM BONUS (LAST PERSON): 34,920 us$97

PROMOTION BONUS: 57,960 us$161

TOTAL =231,480 or us$644


If you bring 1 person you will earn 1,800 us$5 *8*20 cycles= us$800, #14,400 (us$40) per cycle


If you bring two or more people you will earn 3,600 us$10 *8*20cycles= 576,000 us$1,600 #28,800 (us$80) per cycle. This is why we say at IMMERI everyone wins.


Get 3 Associates to duplicate your efforts and your business will grow exponentially. That is the power of duplication.


Residual Income: Your earning potential is unlimited and you have opportunity to build a business that achieves your financial goals. At IMMERI when you make a decision to buy our products you are now entitle to our 5% re-order Bonus going 10 Levels Deep.


More Cash Bonuses

Same Rank Bonus, Leadership Bonus and Direct Development Bonus

When you get to the rank of Director you will receive your 1st Car Reward Bonus valid at 5, 796,000, us$ 16,100, when you get to the rank of 3-Star Director 11, 592,000 us$ 32,200 for the 2nd car of your choice. And when you get to the rank of Elite manager you will now get an Organized Tour with 405,720 (us$ 1,120), 1* Director second Organized Tour with 753,480 (us$ 2,080) 1* Director and above you will enjoy 5% travel points from director Develop and Bonus and Same Rank Bonus. And at the rank of Diamond Ambassador IMMERI will reward you with the keys to your Penthouse in Malaysia Valued at us$300,000.


Business Ownership, what it means to own a business. The greatest part about the IMMERI Opportunity is that it isn’t a job. Be your own boss that means you can’t get fired, you can work at your own pace and you can enjoy all the advantages that owning a business affords. It works all you need to do is to leverage this Opportunity and you can become an IMMERI Associate and enjoy the unlimited potential your business has to offer that’s very important. Timing and positioning is very essential in every industry in every company. Today the timing and positioning of our great company starts from

Formulation – And that is what every company starts with. The next is the

Concentration – When the product is now recognized and accepted and growth explodes into massive momentum.


Benefits (what you get when you join IMMERI)

1. Real-Time Bonus payment

2. Team Bonus Qualified with 1 Down line Member

3. No Monthly Volume Targets to Maintain your Status

4. No Flushing of Points Ever

5. No Binary System

6. No Leg Balance

7. No Compulsory monthly Auto-Ship

8. No Monthly Quotas to Maintain Ranks

9. Immediate Payment to Bank Account

10. Earn Direct and Indirect Bonuses

11. True Car Reward Incentive

12. Travel Reward Incentive

13. House Reward Incentive

14. Products FDA and NAFDAC Approval


Our Support

With IMMERI you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. So what we are saying here is:

. Turn key training and support, this is how we train our members to get into the business and grow in the business.

. Marketing Materials

. IMMERI Growth University (IGU)

. Live Conference call Trainings

. Life-Changing National Conventions

Our business is Proven – Predictable – Simple


Importance of IMMERI is:

1. You Own Your Own Life

2. You Be Your Own Boss

3. Control Your Own Destiny

4. Achieve Your Dreams

5. Live An Amazing lifestyle

5 Steps Success System (Your Guide to Personal Success GPS)

All you need to do is to:

. Build a List of Contacts

. Communicate with Contacts Individually (Phone call/whatsAPP, facebook, instagram)

. Tell the Story of IMMERI (online and offline)

. Follow Up with Your Contacts

. Welcome our new IMMERIAN (teach and duplicate this 5 steps system)

Don’t Miss Out on the opportunity to position yourself in front of this massive shift of wealth!


This is the transcription of one of our zoom calls. And you’re invited to our Super Saturdays Zoom meeting by 7pm. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/5440581406

One can also join us on Tuesday and Thursday using the same link, same time.

Neksummi Matthias

I've been marketing on the internet since 2007 and I've classified aspiring internet marketers into three groups. First, people who want to make money without putting in the required effort to learn and the capital to get their business started. Second, people who give up easily when things don't work out the way they anticipated and third, people who have learnt a lot, put in much money, have been persistent, yet things haven't worked for them because they weren't doing things the right way or they were on the wrong platforms. If you're in the first 2 categories, I'm sorry I may not be of much help to you. But if you're in the third category or if you're entirely new to internet marketing and you'd like to learn from someone who's mastered the ropes, I'm willing to pour myself into you. Start your journey to internet marketing success today with my number one recommendation.


  1. Amazing! But I have a challenge when it comes to referral. I’m not good at referring or talking to people convincing them to join.

    • Yeah, many people have this same challenge but don’t see it as you having to convince anyone to join you. The products are excellent products that sell themselves even from the packaging. Share the products.

      In this business, you’re in the business for yourself but not by yourself because you have many leaders who would be solidly behind you. All you need do is invite people to the zoom meetings that hold basically every single day of the week. That’s almost everything that you need to do. Get them on the call and let the experts do the talking for you. At the end of the call, they’re being told to get back to the person who invited them to the call to say “Yes” to the opportunity.

      So, my friend let that challenge hold you back. And by the time you start seeing huge results, you’re going to be more confident in sharing the opportunity with others. I hope this response was helpful to you.

  2. Immeri is practically the best Multi Level Marketing Company of this Century and in History. Product wise(Vaginne is super good as a lot of women share testimonies on daily basis) and compensation plan wise.

  3. Good day

    The Vaginne product is very effective, but I notice some thing when I was recommending the product to people.

    There was a little fear in using the products because doctors advice against such products, so as not to cause skin cancer.

    Is this true ??

    • Thanks for raising this issue. I have never come against the advise by doctors not to use similar products to vaginne because it causes skin cancer. But with your concern, I’ll take time to dig deeper and I’ll come back to update you about my findings.

    • Good question.

      You can still make money retailing the products and depending on the level at which you joined, you can get up to 30% to 50% discount on your reorders. This alone is enough to make you good money.

      That said, if you put in the work, it’s practically impossible not to have people to join you. Do the right things that your leaders tell you when you join. Attend webinars and invite your prospects to the webinars, Immeri’s well structured system would take over from there for you.

  4. How can one in countries where the company doesn’t have a physical office join ? How do they get the products too?

    • Wow! This is such a nice question and before I answer you, I’d like to let you know that there are many people already in the business who are in countries where Immeri hasn’t opened offices there yet. It’s interesting to note that one of such who is in the UK just became a Manager in the company! There are many others in Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Cameroon, US, Kenya, South Africa and many more I’m not aware of.

      So to answer your question, if you’re joining from countries where Immeri hasn’t yet opened a physical office, what you need do is to register with one of the countries where the company already has an office and the person who introduced you to Immeri should be able to help in that regard.

      Once you’re registered, your sponsor will receive the products in the said country and make arrangements to now ship the products to you in whichever part of the world you reside at. This arrangement is going to be made between you and the person. You should be able to work out something that’s going to be a win-win for you both.

  5. According to my reading Here are the Side Effects Of Vaginal TighteningCream
    A. Irritation
    B. Allergic reaction
    C. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infection
    D. Hormone disruption
    E. STD complications
    Have you ever experienced any of them?

    • So if i may ask which of the vaginal tightening cream cause all these side effects? Or did your reading say all of them? Now, vaginne’s main purpose is not vaginal tightening. Vaginne mainly takes care of Bacterial vaginosis and it does that pretty well. Therefore BV can never be the side effect of using vaginne.

      I would rather advise that you do your research about the side effects of using vaginne rather than putting it in a general category of vaginal tightening creams. Share with me your finding please.

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