Immeri MLM Review: The Network Marketing Business in Nigeria with a Difference – also in Ghana and Egypt

You found yourself on this page probably because you heard about Immeri and you came online to look up Immeri MLM review with the aim of getting first hand information or a second opinion about the company and its products. I’d like to assure that you’re in the right place.


To start with, I want to say that I am a distributor of Immeri products but I’m going to be very honest with you in this review of the company’s products and the business opportunity available at Immeri.


IMMERI products DISCLAIMER: Our products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, alleviate or cure any disease, illness or medical condition of any type whatsoever. Product testimonials are not typical, individual results may vary.


That being said, let us dive in and take a closer look at Immeri with an open mind.


The name IMMERI consists of two words: “IMMER” and letter “I”. “IMMER” means “eternity” in German language; whereas letter “I “represents “International”. This means that Immeri is a global company that was built to last. Immeri was founded in the year 2016 and launched in 2017.


Immeri Global is a Multinational Multilevel Network Marketing (MLM) company established in 2016 by, Tan Kam, Lau Chong Guan, and Yap Wai with 100 years of collective experience in direct selling and network marketing industry.


The core values of Immeri Global is of Sharing, Rewarding, Success Breeds Success and Filial Piety have also touched the hearts of their fans worldwide as they also believe that any successful partnership comes from first fostering happiness.


A short video presentation by one of our leaders Brian Louis

Immeri Products


Adwelle contains plant-based ingredients with the combination of fruits and grains. These ingredients are rich in protein , carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins and minerals. The major digestive enzymes in Adwelle are from papaya and pineapple.


These digestive enzymes from the two fruit sources – called papin and bromelain, can take stress off the stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder and small intestine by breaking down difficult -to-digest proteins, starches and fats.


Benefits of Adwelle

1. Anti-inflammatory – it prevents swelling.

2. Prevent blood clot.

3. Improve intestinal health and ulcer.

4. Increase metabolism.

5. Good for weight loss.

6. Prevents cancer.



Vaginne is an intimate gel that takes care of the female reproductive environment.


Vaginne Intimate Gel enables every woman to experience natural cleanliness and comfort in their most intimate parts. Vaginne and natural plant essential oil keeps you refreshed all day, flaunting that natural fragrance from inside out. The Vaginne or the Immeri woman is a superb natural plant essential oil extract gel that is refreshing, clean and an easy to use gel. It guarantees ultimate vaginal hygiene and natural fragrance.

Vaginne has no added harmful substances;

No animal ingredients;


No drugs or antibiotics;

No chemical gel

No alcohol;

No quaternary Ammonia inhibitors;

Benefits of Vaginne


It takes care of any kind of virginal infection

Tightens the vigina

It’s a good lubricant for sex

It eliminate fowl virginal odor

It increases female libido (for them that find sex boring – In marriage ooo before you go and report me to my pastor)

It ensures the woman is sweet for her man

Helps women with infertility issues arising within the female reproductive environment

With Vaginne, the man is happy, the woman is happier

A trial will convince you to become Vaginne marketer.


With economy and technology advancement, our lifestyle has improved tremendously, the effect of such development has affected our health in many ways we have never imagined. The food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe are inevitably affected by such development. The good news is that more health supplements are available to help us cope with the environmental stress.


Human body is made up of trillions of cells. Research shows that peptides are the fundamental structural and functional unit of the body that keeps us alive. Peptides control our growth and regulate every function in the body as well as forming antibody and hormones. Peptides are found in foods such as milk, eggs, grains and soybeans. However, modern people are lacking of peptide as a results of massive peptides loss due to unhealthy lifestyle, ageing, poor absorption and synthesis. How do we get enough of peptide to stay healthy?


Vitide beverage which contains peptides from soy protein extract provides the essential peptides and nutrients for vitality and strength.

Benefits are:

1. Protects the cells

2. Anti-ageing, achieve a youthful glow

3. Restore skin and muscle elasticity

4. Strengthens muscles

5. Eliminates fatigue

6. Regulates body fat

7. Regulates blood pressure

8. Increase immunity

9. Helps in weight loss.

10. Prevents cancer


These are the great products that are at the moment available in the African market but these are not all the only products that Immeri produces. There are five brands of products that are yet to be released into the African market.


All Immeri products are certified by the Food and Drug authorities of all the countries that Immeri operates in – FDA in Ghana and NAFDAC in Nigeria.

The Immeri Business – What does Immeri offer?


Immeri Global is a multinational company promoting corporate leadership through its products that focus on improving and promoting global health and quality of life. These products are scientifically researched and are patented products. Immeri products have been formulated using organic and natural extracts that improve metabolic functions and also prevent diseases.


As mentioned earlier, IMMERI was established in October 2016 and has become one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in Greater China and other parts of Asia. Their high quality and green products have accelerated this growth. Now, immeri MLM has a strong base of demands among the customers in Africa (Especially in Nigeria) in just about 4 years from setting up.


Immeri doesn’t stop at providing the quality products, it shares its rewards with its distributors as well through Immeri compensation plan and different benefits. The overwhelming demand for IMMERI’S “Conscience, High Quality and Green” products have also accelerated IMMERI’S growth to the Middle-East and Africa in this 4 years from inception.


IMMERI is a fair business platform that offers unique marketing plan with sustainable management calibres. Through IMMERI, everyone can afford to diligently develop and excel in their own business venture with globalisation perspective.


Endeavoring improvement in lifestyle standard for all, they are committed to explore possibility of extending the benefits of their premium quality products to every corner of the world. Through sharing on efficacy and benefits of their products; one will be amazed with the achievement of personal financial transformation in due course. Hence, the amazing resultant outcome has been regarded as prosperity factor of IMMERI business.


With Immeri’s ground breaking technologies, BioENZ and SMART (patented), the nutrients from functional foods are enhanced making them easier to absorb and boost efficacy. When consumed, the digestive enzymes in Adwelle help to increase metabolism and strengthen immune functions.

How is the Immeri Sign up process?


You become a distributor by purchasing one of the distributor packages listed below.

Distributor Packages:

Classic package – N59, 186

Business Builder Program:

  • Agency package – N295,930
  • Wholesale program:

Tier 1 – N739,825

Tier 2 – N1,479,650

Tier 3 – N2,219,475

Tier 4 – N2,959,300

Note: Price is subject to change based on RMB to NGN and USD weekly exchange rates.


You can choose one of these by paying the respective amount and get registered as a distributor.


It’s a onetime registration fee – in fact it’s not even a registration fee but It’s used to buy your first consignment of products.

It’s now time to check out the benefits.


Immeri Compensation Plan


This Immeri MLM review won’t be complete without talking about Immeri compensation plan.

Detailed Immeri Compensation Plan

Once you become a distributor, you will be paid a 5% referral commission. It will be credited to your bank account directly for every person that joins you in this business. This happens real-time so you don’t have to wait until the end of the week or month to get paid. The commission of 5% is from either one of the packages your referee chooses and the link goes on.


These Immeri distributor rewards packages work on both the first and second levels and are realistically profitable and among the top-rated plans currently in the MLM industry.


The immeri compensation plan is a simply structured compensation plan strategically designed to ensure every distributor or partner earns well and makes a substantial profit out of selling their products. When you sign up with the basic package of N59186 (Classic package), you will get Immeri products worth around N80,000.


So you earn 5% referral commissions on your first and second level.


You will receive a 10% commission as a sales bonus.


What is the sales bonus?


It simply means that even when one of your referees likes the products and they recommend it to someone and they (or their referrals) buy at wholesale price, you will be credited with 10% of commission on whatever amount they pay. You can also rank advance in immeri and you will be rewarded according to your ranking.


There are 12 lucrative payouts in Immeri and they include Retail profit and some 11 bonus categories.


Immeri MLM review – Conclusion


Coming to conclusion, I think the immeri MLM opportunity is an awesome business opportunity.


Having read this review, if you feel the opportunity is a cool one and is perfect for you, locate a great sponsor and a strong team to work with and sign up immediately. First work on building a customer base then find people who are also eager to build a network marketing business.


You may be hesitant because you’ve had some experiences in the past that were not good. You felt left all alone. With Immeri, your leader can only grow when he/she carries you along hence we say you’re in this business for yourself but not by yourself. Come onboard and let us help grow. This I’m more than 100% committed to. All our leaders are happy to help you succeed. In Immeri, everyone wins.


I’d like to hear from you. If you’re an Immerian, I’d like to get your feedback and contributions on this review I’ve written. And if you’re new, I’d be glad to answer your questions.


Please let me know what you feel about this Immeri MLM review.


You’re invited to our Own Your Life Zoom meeting every Mondays.

And you’re also invited to our Super Saturdays Zoom meeting by 7pm.

One can also join us on Tuesday and Thursday using the same link, same time.



Neksummi Matthias

I've been marketing on the internet since 2007 and I've classified aspiring internet marketers into three groups. First, people who want to make money without putting in the required effort to learn and the capital to get their business started. Second, people who give up easily when things don't work out the way they anticipated and third, people who have learnt a lot, put in much money, have been persistent, yet things haven't worked for them because they weren't doing things the right way or they were on the wrong platforms. If you're in the first 2 categories, I'm sorry I may not be of much help to you. But if you're in the third category or if you're entirely new to internet marketing and you'd like to learn from someone who's mastered the ropes, I'm willing to pour myself into you. Start your journey to internet marketing success today with my number one recommendation.


    • Are you using the products already? If so, could you share your experiences with us? If not, since you feel they are perfect for you based on this review, begin to use them.

  1. I have gone through, is OK. These are food supplements that helps the body in many forms. I have attained their workshops and learned much..

    • Wow! Nice hearing that you’ve attended their workshops and learned much. Have you joined already or still sitting on the fence? If you haven’t joined, it’s good you join now as the business is exploding in Nigeria. You wouldn’t want to be left behind. And I must say that we have an amazing team that will ensure you succeed in the business.

  2. Great job. I love the products and most especially the compensation plan. Thanks for this review, very informative.

      • Interesting. One thing I cherish about food supplement is that it has no side effects and it addresses or cures series of malfunctioning body systems without passing through unwarranted surgeries and the likes . I will definitely patronize you soon . Thanks for sharing this vital live saving piece .

        • You’re welcome and I’m looking forward to your business. You’ve said it all. Though the products help in keeping us in good health, we make no medical claims on the products for the treatment of illnesses.

  3. I am an Immerian and would strongly say I don’t regret starting this business alongside my 9-5 job. Immeri has changed my live both financially and healthwise, as the products are 100% organic with no side effects. I call it a recession proof business as you earn daily from the business and payment is realtime.

    • Good to hear that Oge that you have no regrets starting this business. I pray very soon, you’re going to fire your boss at your 9-5 job. Thanks for the contribution.

  4. Coming from Neksummi, it’s surely worth giving a try. I’m seeing the products for the first time.

    • Wow! Thanks for the validation. It’s so heart warming that people out there whom I’ve never met face to face trust me and look up to me for direction and guidance.

      Now you know about the products and business opportunity. Looking forward to your patronage and possibly partnership by joining us distribute the products.

  5. The review of these products sounds good and interesting, however, how is this product different and or better than many competing products or brands out there advertised to perform the same function? Why should i subscribe for the Immeri brand and not other known brands in the market/

    • Immeri products have been formulated using organic and natural extracts that improve metabolic functions and prevent diseases.

      Again, Immeri just doesn’t stop at providing quality natural products, it also shares it’s rewards with its distributors as well through their different benefits and compensation plans which include some 12 different ways to earn with Immeri.

      I’ve done a couple of other MLM programmes and I must say without mincing words that Immeri products and
      Business opportunity stand out.

  6. I’m an immerian and a very proud one at that!
    Kudos Mr. Neksummi for this company/product review.

  7. Mr Neksummi, this is quite detailed and it is very informative. I am an IMMERIan and I have no regrets at all. I have ventured in other MLM companies before now and IMMERI’s plan is uniquely different

    • Thanks Onome. Good to hear you have no regrets as an IMMERIan. As someone who has ventured into other MLM companies in the past as well, I quite agree with you that Immeri’s plan is unique and that was what attracted me to the company.

  8. Hey there.

    I have always been skeptical about MLM companies. Especially when someone is talking of the pyramid kind of thing. But I must admit I love the products and would probably be my main reason of joining such companies. Its good to receive information from first hand. This is probably a MUST article for anyone looking forward to joining MLM company. 

    Thank you for sharing this informative article,



    • You’re welcome Paul. It’s true that there’s an element of pyramid in many MLM companies and one must avoid those that don’t sell any products at all.

      For Immeri, they’ve got some amazing products and the Immeri compensation plan is one that ensures everyone succeeds when the right effort is put into the business.

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.

  9. It’s a good thing that a company like this one really exist and it is able to help a lot of people with their compensation plan. I really do not like MLM platforms though and I find it hard to endorse them but with your review here, it looks like this one is just the perfect one that can help people break from financial issues. Great post!

    • As a matter of principle, some people just don’t really like MLM platforms and it’s ok. We all have our preferences. And the dislike may not be unrelated with the way some distributors present the opportunities. Some people outrightly lie and make claims that even the companies themselves haven’t made. And some of the companies also have a very poor compensation plan that ensures that only the company and few leaders benefit while the majority of members suffer.

      In my candid opinion, I see Immeri as different, and that is why I have chosen to endorse it.

  10. Hey Nek! I really like this opportunity and I didn’t know that it existed. Immeri has several features I like but I would like to highlight:

    1. the 5% referral commission. 

    2. From the start when we sign up for the basic package of N59186 to get Immeri products worth around N80,000.

    Thank you very much for this review!

    • Hello Ann. You’re welcome. It’s good to hear that you like this opportunity. You didn’t know the opportunity existed but now you do.

      If it’s something you feel you should be part of, you’re welcome to try it out,

  11. Thank you so much for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is The Network Marketing Business Immeri MLM Review. It is truly remarkable that you have presented this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about Immeri Global. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like benefits of the Immeri Compensation Plan. I bought this MLM company’s Vitide a few days ago that helped me to be anti-aging and youthful. I also bought a Vaginne for my wife that helps her stay healthy.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

    • I’m so happy to hear from someone who has actually used the products. Please you have my permission to share this article on your Facebook page and I invite you to come onboard and join the business opportunity presented by Immeri. I’d be very happy to work with you on this.

  12. I am an Immerian and I’m proudly one at that and I have no regrets being a partner. I must confess the products are good.

    • Good to hear that. I wish you all the best as you run your Immeri business.

      In one presentation this week, it was said that the sky is wide enough to accommodate us all at the top. Let’s all aim for the house reward and we’ll get there!

  13. It’s good to know that there is a company producing products using organic and natural extracts. I haven’t heard of Immeri before, and I am grateful I found your review. 

    I used to be a member of the MLM companies and had a real good experience. What I know is that if you want to be in the MLM you better choose a company that sells its products. This one seems to be legit. I personally love that the products are natural. 

    Thanks for the informative review. 

    • It’s good learn that you had a real good experience with MLM companies. Some of is didn’t. It was either a fraudulent company or insincere distributors who presented the opportunity falsely making claims the companies knew nothing about.

      Like you rightly said, if one needs to join an MLM company, join one that has products that they sell. Avoid any kind of MLM without products to sell. Thanks for the counsel and thanks for stopping by to comment on this article.

      And you want to be a partner to try this opportunity out, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m more than willing to guide you through.

  14. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.I really dont like MlM programs as they come with a lot of uncertianty but i think i would give this one a trial as it comes with of possiblities.

    • Sure. There are actually a lot of misconceptions about MLM but the truth is MLM has produced a lot more self made millionaires than many other industries you could think of.

      Looking forward to having you come on board to this and you can count on my support to guide you through. Where’s your country of residence?

  15. Hmmm, I like this program. The compensation isn’t bad at 5% either since that beats out Amazon in most categories. I could see Immeri being a lucrative way to attract a less populated niche. Most businesses for affiliates are based out of the US or the UK (Some in Canada too) but Nigeria is a pretty targeted way to attract a lesser utilized market. I’ve heard that some affiliates only target the smaller markets because they tend to convert a bit better.

    Also, I think more products like this should be made. Feminine products range from the artificial to the organic, and anything that offers quality for a good price is going to sell well. Thanks for the review!

    • The compensation is much more than the 5% on the surface. That’s actually just one of the 11 ways one earns with Immeri. When you put the different ways one earns, the offer to join Immeri is a no brainer!

      It’s quite true that most businesses for affiliates are based in the US, UK, Canada or some Western countries. It’s indeed exciting to have a world class company serving the less utilised market.

      Immeri has other range of products but they’re not yet launched in the African market.

  16. I don’t think this is a bad opportunity for those who are willing to invest their time and money into Immeri , but my major concern is the fact that the company operates on the MLM model which always make it hard for people to make money from the product. For newbies, I don’t recommend this but for professionals, it’s worth the trial.

    • Thanks for your comment and I appreciate the fact that you aired your own view. But I don’t quite agree with you that the MLM model always make it hard for people to make money from the product. For Immeri in particular, some of our packages allow you to re-order products at 30% discount and some packages for even up to 50% discount.

      The Agency package allows you to get 30% discount on your subsequent reorders while the Wholesale tier packages allow you get up to 50% discount and you still enjoy rebates on the products purchase as well. These allow you to make up to 90% profit on the sales of the products. There are also up to 11 ways you can earn with Immeri, so when you look at it critically, it’s something that’s worth trying out.

      Just as with any good business, Immeri has great training available for newbies to ensure that they succeed. Therefore newbies too are very much welcome to try Immer outi. And the fact that nobody succeeds with Immeri as a lone ranger, newbies will always have the leaders carrying them along because for the leaders to advance in rank, they must have their team members succeeding as well.

  17. Hello there, I have been to Africa a couple of time for business sake and it was really good getting to see some good means of income there but I really love to see some level of improvement in how they go about network marketing and it’s amazing how almost all I have thought about is just here in this article and if this is put in place, there would be so much growth in business there.

    • I quite agree with you that some level of improvement is needed in how we in Africa and particularly Nigeria go about network marketing. Some of us are working to bring about the needed change in the industry and we aren’t going to relent.

      It’s good to note that I covered here some of the things you have taught that would bring so much growth in the business here.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Well! I would want to know if this ofdes an opportunity for someone win the states too. I am just getting started with everythingannd unfortunately, I got layer with the virus effects. If I can just get back on my feet with something close to this, I wouldn’t mind

    • Yes. Someone within the states can get into this. We have partners in the states and Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and other countries that Immeri hasn’t yet officially started business . You can contact me directly so I can get you started.

  19. Hello There, thank you for taking your time to compile and share this informative and resourceful review article. This article is centered on Immeri MLM Review: The Network Marketing Business in Nigeria with a Difference – also in Ghana and Egypt. I must confess that this is a well out together and transparent review. I am so glad that this business is not a scam. I would be sure to try it out soonest 

    • Looking forward to having you try Immeri out Lesley. Thanks for letting us know by leaving a comment.

  20. Have there been studies done on Immeri products? Where are they listed to be reviewed? Is this program available in the United States? Are there any verified independent studies on the effectiveness of the products? 

    Why do you have to buy the product in order to sell it? How long does it take to reach the next level? Why are the prices to become a distributor so high? Is there a possibility of earning a higher commission?


    • Wow! Very thoughtful questions you asked there. I’m going to answer some of them now and then come back to answer the remaining because I’ll need to check some things up to be able to answer you correct.

      The company hasn’t officially opened in the US but we have some distributors there who order from some of the countries the company has opened already.

      On how long it would take to reach the next level, it all depends on you. How much time and effort you put into the business.

      You earn higher commissions when you bring in someone who purchase one of the wholesale packages.

  21. Hello nek!
    I’m typically skeptical when it comes to these MLM opportunities, but after looking through what these products offer, I think a lot of Nigerians can benefit from this both health-wise and financially. I’m looking forward to learning more in the webinar tomorrow 👋🏽

    • Yeah Titi, most people are usually sceptical when they hear about MLM opportunities and that would not unconnected with the fact that many Nigerians have promoted MLM the wrong way. But the true reality is that MLM has produced more millionaires in this world than the corporate world and small businesses. This is because with MLM, you have massive leverage. You earn from other people’s efforts and when you have an good company with excellent compensation plan, the sky would be your starting point.

      And of a truth Immeri’s products are top notch. I look forward to having you on tomorrow’s meeting. You really missed today’s meeting.

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