Max International: is it scam or legit?

Max International products are designed to enhance one vital component of your health and well being: glutathione. Glutathione is considered to be the master antioxidant that exists inside every one of the trillions of cells that make up the human body.

Max International is a wellness network marketing company founded in Utah offering health products that increase glutathione production in the body.


Max International offers a range of products to fulfill nutritional needs, each promoting cellular health and overall wellness. The modern world often doesn’t allow time for the necessary nutrition. It also gets increasingly polluted and damaging toxins attack healthy cells on a regular basis. However, the options available have increased as well, and these products offer you the opportunity to keep up and keep healthy.


Max International or  “The Glutathione Company” – was launched in 2007 by three entrepreneurs and direct marketers: Steven K. Scott, Fred Ninow, and Gregory Fullerton. They’re headquartered in, of course, Utah.


Less than a decade later, Scott is the only original founder who’s still around. The other two seem to have moved on and launched other companies already. Clearly, they really believe in the vision and goals of Max International.

Max International’s mission is “to empower people to build a legacy of significant change in their lives and the lives of others.”



Max International sells nutritional products based on the concept of increasing the body’s glutathione production.

According to Steven K. Scott, glutathione is “the cell’s first line of defense and even reduces inflammation at a cellular level.”


Max International has fully disclosed all of their product ingredients, and they’ve posted a number of independent studies and clinical trials to back the health benefits they claim.



A study done by nutrition faculty at Texas A&M in 2004 showed that glutathione production has the following benefits:

  • Cellular regulation
  • Increased immunities and protection against disease
  • Antioxidant defense
  • Anti-aging
  • Metabolism regulation

Some reported side effects of long-term glutathione consumption include:

  • Unknown effects on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Lower zinc levels
  • Wheezing.

7 AMAZING PRODUCTS – Help you look, and live to the Max:

  • Cellgevity – Advanced Riboceine Technology
  • Max N-Fuze – Nutritional Replenishment
  • Max GXL – Unique NAC Formula
  • Max ATP – RiboCeine Fuel – Peak Performance for Everyone
  • Max Switch – Dietary Supplement Capsules
  • Max ONE – Focused RiboCeine Supplement
  • Max 357 – Arctic Cod Omega Blend


The Max flagship product, Cellgevity, is the solution to feeling better, younger and more energetic. It does this by providing nutrients that raise intracellular glutathione levels for a strengthened immune system that doesn’t fail under the never-ending attack of the chemical toxins and free radicals of everyday life.


Scientists support the combination of the patented nutrient RiboCeine and 12 synergistic ingredients because this one supplement can have so many vital and proven positive effects on your health. It does this without adding questionable substances that can bring further harm.


Cellgevity has a BSCG for Sports Certification that confirms there are no banned substances in this product. Further, there is no gluten and it is melamine-free. You can take this supplement safe in the knowledge that it has been strictly tested and approved for use.


Max N-Fuze : Exclusive blend of Antioxidants, Vitamins & Nutrrients.


In a polluted world that seems to provide more processed foods every day, a single serving of Max N-Fuze provides the same amount of vitamins and nutrients that exist in about 20,000 calories worth of food. That means it packs all the fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy that you can’t seem to fit into the random and hectic diet plan that many struggle with in the modern world.


Max N-Fuze manages to replace the endless list of foods with a drink that only consists of a 10 calories package mixed with an 8 oz (250 mL) glass of water. There is no gluten in the drink. It is melamine-free. It has been certified as drug-free by the BSCG.


Max N-Fuze is simply a bionutrient complex that gives cells an unmatched level of defense, and each package contains indirect and direct antioxidants to strengthen the body’s antioxidant system. The ultimate goal of Max International products such as Max N-Fuze is to offer advanced cellular function in very convenient packages.


Max International strives to provide persistent cellular defense, and Max N-Fuze  was designed to take advantage of the capabilities that exist in every one of its products. As a result, this drink does not conflict with the rest of Max International products. In fact, it was designed  to work with the other Max products in a synergistic way. Together, they preserve and support the production of glutathione so that you can receive even greater cellular defense while never having to worry about the dangers of conflicting substances.


Max GXL: Exclusive NAC Formula for Better Health & Wellness

In our day-to-day lives, we are constantly surrounde by stress, toxins, and a plethora of other harmful substances, and we protect ourselves the best we can throughout the increasingly busy lives that we lead. Max GXL is the solution to finding quick and easily-accessible protection that doesn’t stop you from doing what you both need and want to do with your life and time.


Using carefully selected and high-quality ingredients, Max GXL is an NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) formula that is supplemented by other useful ingredients that work to raise glutathione levels.


Max GXL is an example of top-quality ingredients brought together for a product that was created to support exceptional health and enduring wellness.

The product comes with 180 capsules for a 30-day supply of glutathione acceleration that will do wonders for your cellular function and health. Buy MaxGXL now and discover happier health.


MAX ATP: Healthy Energy Boost to Perform at Your Peak

ATP from Max International is a high-performance drink that’s not to be confused with any energy drink out there. Overloaded with caffeine and sugar, most energy drinks have a short-term effect, leaving your body levels uneven. The result is a day full of stops and starts as your energy levels fluctuate.


However, nobody likes to crash in the middle of a busy day because their energy booster has abruptly run its course. Max International ATP doesn’t need excessive sugar and caffeine to keep you up and running.


ATP is completely natural energy source for your cells. This is what allows you to push harder, work longer, recover faster, focus easier and enjoy an energy boost without any jitters, buzz, or caffeine crash. Just mix Max ATP with water and leave unhealthy and unhelpful energy drinks behind.



Switch on a healthy metabolism to convert food into fuel and help you reach your weight loss goals. The stimulant-free design of these capsules boost the body’s metabolism helping to turn fat into fuel by:

  • Enhancing the natural production of glutathione within your body
  • Supplying additional antioxidant support
  • Promoting a healthy metabolism to assist you to achieve  your weight loss goals.

Switch metabolic enhancing capsules increase the rate at which the body converts food into fuel and burns calories.


MAXONE: Increases natural production of Glutathione

MaxOne is designed to offer immediate cellular protection and health benefits, offering you a glutathione boost on demand.

Containing 100% RiboCeine, MaxOne is the ultimate nutritional supplement for overall cellular health. RiboCeine is Max International’s patented nutrient, the glutathione booster that is a key ingredient in other Max International products.


So MaxOne is the primary source if you need to boost glutathione development quickly and effectively. With only 2 capsules a day out of the 30 day supply in stock, you can fight oxidative stress, protect individual cells from free radical damage and strengthen your immune system. More, it slows aging so you can have many healthy years ahead of you with MaxOne supporting you for a long time to come.


MaxOne also does not rely on cumulative effects to do it’s job. The product doesn’t promise protection in some distant future if you purchase supplements month after month. Instead, it promises protection right here and now. It is Certified for Sport by NSF International to ensure that it contains no banned substances, and will interfere with no other sport substance.


It is free of gluten and melamine. With MaxOne, you are giving your body the tools it needs to create it’s own defenses so that it can fight off the threats that make it past yours.

Compensation Plan

Max International offers a pretty extensive 90-day training program, which is key to banking it with any MLM. If you come in with no sales and marketing knowledge, and the company doesn’t take the time to train you (which most MLMs don’t), you’re not going anywhere.


Nine (9) ways to earn with the Max International compensation plan.

Retail Profits

Distributors make the difference between wholesale and retail price on personal sales.


Preferred Customer Bonus

These are extra commissions earned for customers that are on autoship.


FastTrack Bonus

FastTrack bonuses are offered on a weekly basis every time you personally sponsor a new recruit who buys their start-up pack.

  • Personal Pack purchases net you a $15-$60 bonus.
  • Professional Pack purchases net you a $75 bonus.
  • Premiere Pack purchases net you a $150 bonus.

Double FastTrack Bonus

If you sell three Premiere or Professional packs in a month to a new associates that you personally sponsored, your FastTrack bonus doubles.


Team Bonus

Team bonuses are given out to you based on the sales performance of your downline in a binary structure. You get 10% of the commissionable volume that your weaker leg generates each month.


Unlimited Seven-Level Matching Check Bonus

This bonus offers up to 50% on the team commissions of anyone you personally recruited down to 7 levels.


Platinum and Diamond Leadership Pool

These are high roller, livin’ large, penthouse-with-a-pool bonuses. If you can get all the way up to Platinum and Diamond ranks, you can start ranking in some pretty sweet bonuses.


Global Bonus Pool

This bonus comes from 2% of the company’s global CV and is given out to affiliates who have grown their team’s weaker leg as compared to the previous month.


Max Living Bonus

These are passive earnings that affiliates at the rank of Platinum or higher can earn.

  • Platinum: $500/month
  • Diamond: $750/month
  • Double Diamond: $1,000/month
  • Triple Diamond or higher: $1,500/month

Max International seems to be one of those rare nutritional MLMs that actually has real science and doctors backing their products, which not all companies can claim. However, there really hasn’t been enough conclusive evidence to show that glutathione supplements do wonders for your health.

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