OmegaPro Review: Is it a scam or a legitimate business?

OmegaPro is an UK based company headed by Andreas Szakacs and claims that its traders have more than 10years of experience in one of the biggest markets in the world. Altogether forex brokers functioning in the UK have to be licensed by the local Financial Conduct authority or a similar governmental agency of another EU Member State. This, nevertheless is not the case with OmegaPro. Research in the FCA’s public register returned no results.


OmegaPro is also an investment program that proposes diverse packages with returns up to 300% at the end of 16 months. Clients are permitted to withdraw their daily earnings and paid packages start at 150 dollars. There is a one-time 29 USD registration fee for new clients. In addition to that, OmegaPro has referral system that lets you to increase your earnings by referring new clients to its organization.


The mission of the OmegaPro therefore is to provide a confident world class trading experience to all clients together with retail and institutional. Constantly investing in new technologies and people, to provide our clients with various range of trading products and an extraordinary trading outputs.


Furthermore, they claim to put a major importance on account security and use the most advanced tools and encryption protocols and offer abundant market liquidity to safeguard clients’ capital. Appreciations to the massive market volume that OmegaPro handles with strict risk policies, they claim to ensure that accounts with them are secure, while connecting their clients’ to the fast paced global markets.


As displayed on its official website, OmegaPro is a broker that lets its clients’ trade with currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices. In total, there are more than 200 underlying assets that you can trade with. OmegaPro has not provided information about its trading accounts and conditions on its website. The broker appear to have several trading packages, but except you register yourself as an affiliate, you cannot get these details. With the exception of the fact that this broker bids Forex trading of some kind, there is no idea of the list of trading products on offer either. There is no information on the trading conditions and nothing on minimum deposits, leverages or even spreads.


OmegaPro world was registered on November 9, 2018, and updated on November 14, 2018. Omega Pro claims on “Our Trading” page that the traders on their platform have more than ten years of experience in Forex trading. They also state that clients that use their services can monitor their accounts with any device that has internet connection. Their statement indicates that Omega Pro wheels the trades whereas clients are urged to trust their judgments and accounts.


An additional interesting aspect of Omega Pro is that their website tenders an address that is situated in London. Proceeding to Omega Pro’s website located at the bottom, you will find a London address. This address appears to be a digital post office as there are over 1,400 other companies and persons listed with this exact same address. This information shows that Omega Pro is not working as a traditional company and has no real residency for you to visit. They do offer an all-purpose email address for support, but no phone number to speak with a representative or broker. You are offered a generic “contact us” form to fill out, but there is no telling who you will be communicating with while getting in touch with this company.


However researching OmegaPro regulatory status, we found out that the CNMV had issued a public warning against this broker .The CNMV – Comisión Nacional Del Mercado de Valores – is the Spanish financial regulator, and it issued a warning to traders that OmegaPro was a possible scammer. This kind of warning is usually only issued by a regulator after it has received a large number of complaints of being scammed by a broker. Consequently, the fact that such a warning has been issued against OmegaPro only makes it clear that this is not a broker you should trust.


The whole thing about this broker – as well as the language it used on its website – point out that they are actually multi-level marketers. The broker states that there are numerous investment packages for retailers and members (the word trader hasn’t been used at all). In addition, the broker talks about how you can appeal to more members once you join and you will be rewarded for doing so. To compound the issue, there is absolutely no evidence of trading on this broker’s website. Nor is there any proof that revenues are being generated through trades. So, the question is – how are the broker’s affiliates paid.

Income Commission Plan

Passive Trading Output (automated profits) * – This is the profit you get when you purchase any of the above trading packages which gives a total trading output of *300% compounding. You don’t need to do anything to earn here, just send your money to work for you and you withdraw when necessary

Direct Bonus – Is the commission you earn when you sponsor a new trader into the business – 7% (Paid weekly)

Network Bonus – Is the commission you earn when you build two teams and accumulate points on your left and right team – 10% (Paid weekly)

Leadership Pool – The qualification for the pools are based on raising team leaders within your structure.

POOL 1 Target – $16,000/$24,000: share 1% of company Revenue monthly

POOL 2 Target
– $60,000/$90,000: share 2% of company’s revenue monthly

POOL 3 Target
– $400,000/$600,000: Share 3% of company’s revenue monthly


70/30 Rule – Increase your trading portfolio and passive income without coming out of pocket when you build your marketing team.


70% of your bonus is deposited into your cash account and available for immediate withdrawal via any of your preferred currency every week.


The remaining 30%is automatically deposited into your Trading account (will be added to your trading capital to earn more for you. 10% monthly for 12 months)

Leadership Plan

Associate – $400/$600 – 1 Basic left/1 right – PIN

Builder – $6,000/$9,000 – 1x Associate on L&R – PIN + Latest Apple IPad if achieved within 30 days

Silver – $16,000/$24,000 – 1x Builder on L&R – Leadership pool 1 monthly income (salary for life) + silver trip (Sponsored trip within Africa) + IPhone X

Gold – $30,000/$45,000 – 1x Silver on L&R – All silver benefits + Apple MacBook Laptop

Platinum – $60,000/$90,000 – 1x Gold on L&R –
All silver benefits + Leadership pool 2 + sponsored international (Platinum trip with company founders)

Diamond – $160,000/$240,000 – 2 Platinum on strong leg/1 Platinum on week leg – All silver benefits + $8,000 cash Award or Luxury wrist watch of same value.

Blue Diamond – $400,000/$600,000 – 2 Diamond on L&R – silver benefits + Leadership pool 3 + $100,000 cash award)

Black Diamond – $1,000,000/$1,500,000 – 2Blue diamond on L&R – silver benefits + Ferrari

Crown Diamond – $2,400.000/$3,600,000 – 3 Black Diamonds on strong leg/2 Black Diamond on weak leg – Silver benefits + Crown diamond Ring and Lamborghini Aventador

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