The Chat Mogul

The Chat Mogul is a Multi-purpose platform created by a team of well experienced enterpreneur, with the aim of connecting people together through their social channel and also letting people get across to information through their media channel thereby creating employment opportunities for members in this means by generating revenue from advertisement industries.


One of the motive of The chat mogul is to help reduce unemployment in the society and let people making money while having fun online and surfing the net.


The Chat Mogul is a visionary organization operated by a team of well-experienced online affiliate enterpreneurs. This organization has created a social media platform called THE CHAT MOGUL aimed at providing a source of income and employment for its registered members.


With an alarming rate of increase in the number of people on social media networks that don’t make money online, the organization has taken it upon itself to provide a simple yet highly rewarding means of making money for everyone.


THE CHAT MOGUL was designed to solve these needs and over the years, we have lived to our words and put a smile on the faces of our esteemed members.



Have you ever wondered how Bloggers in Nigeria make MIllions of Naira every month? It’s simple! Google and other adverts Companies pay Bloggers to place adverts on their blogs/websites and the bloggers get paid when you visit and click on those adverts.


This simply means bloggers make money when you visit their blog or website. So, the more you visit, the more money they make.


The question is, why do bloggers take all the money for themselves without giving a dime to the visitors who help them make the money?


This is the difference we are making on the chat mogul.com. We have designed a system that allows us share our Revenue with our members here every Friday.


The chat mogul aims at providing an easy means of income for everybody regardless of race, tribe, age or location. They are able to do this by making money from blogging. As a team of bloggers, we are willing to pay back to our registered members. We also earn from hosting ads from other websites on our platform to generate traffic to their site and we are paid when people visit their own site.


As a registered member, you make money on THE CHAT MOGUL in several ways:

  1. You earn 20 for reacting to a friend’s post. Also
  2. You earn 20 for every comment on your friend post. And most importantly,
  3. Your post gets an instant approval and you earn 200.


Fantastic right? We are not done….


1. For every daily login, you earn 100

2. Reading any post earns you 10

3. Comments on any post earns you 10

4. When you share our post to your Facebook timeline, you earn 100

5. You are to earn 5 for every shared post.


And just when you think you are done with means of earning, see another easy means below:

THE CHAT MOGUL pays you for inviting your friends, relatives, and even your enemies to join the platform. We pay N1,200 as referral bonus for every person that registers using your registration link.


NOTE: Referral is 100% optional. We pay non-referral earners completely. No stories. No hassles.


Before you conclude, read our last means of earning:

>We have a Facebook community that if you are paid, and decide to share your proof of payment to this community, we pay you an extra 500-naira worth of airtime, amazing right?

> You earn N5,000 for being the best affiliate of the week and N3,000 if you are the second affiliate.

> Most Active member earn 5,000 every week.

Neksummi Matthias

I've been marketing on the internet since 2007 and I've classified aspiring internet marketers into three groups. First, people who want to make money without putting in the required effort to learn and the capital to get their business started. Second, people who give up easily when things don't work out the way they anticipated and third, people who have learnt a lot, put in much money, have been persistent, yet things haven't worked for them because they weren't doing things the right way or they were on the wrong platforms. If you're in the first 2 categories, I'm sorry I may not be of much help to you. But if you're in the third category or if you're entirely new to internet marketing and you'd like to learn from someone who's mastered the ropes, I'm willing to pour myself into you. Start your journey to internet marketing success today with my number one recommendation.

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