The Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate and Review Guide: Legit or yet another Scam?

If you are reading this, chances are, you are somewhat familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, and you are looking to learn more about the program by reading Wealthy Affiliate and review online. With that said, this guide will help you to better understand what Wealthy Affiliate is, and the ways you could benefit from the program.wa super affiliate power


Like many people who have at one point or the other ventured into the cyber space in search of ways to make some extra income online from home, I have been misled, scammed and made to part with over $10,000 chasing one shiny object to another especially during my early days in the industry.


I started my first internet business in 2007 while I was a college student. I had no laptop. Neither did I research into the opportunity before I joined – I even had no idea I could do some background search before joining. The offer sounded just too good to be true and I jumped right in! To be honest with you, though the program wasn’t quite poor, I got burnt. There were too many hidden charges I wasn’t prepared for that affected me negatively.


I don’t want same to happen to you. So, I shall go in-depth with this Wealthy Affiliate review.


I will be covering every aspect of Wealthy Affiliate as much as I can and I will be blunt and downright honest with you so that at the end of the review, you can make an informed decision as to whether this program is for you or not.


Wealthy Affiliate Is the Best Place for Online Entrepreneurs of All Levels


This program is essentially a platform that is dedicated to Internet entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers – newbies (beginners) and experts alike. Whether a person is just getting started, has had some experience, or is a very successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is the place for them. It helps them create successful online businesses through training resources, services, tools and the support of experts in the industry.


So, if you have been struggling with your online business, have been ripped off by ‘gurus’ or just feel as though you do not have the complete picture when it comes to starting an online business, you will get all your questions answered within Wealthy Affiliate.


During the training, you will learn that you can literally take any niche, passion or idea and turn it into a successful Internet business. You do not need to have any experience, and you do not need to be tech-savvy.


For those who have always dreamed of owning their own business, technology can now make that dream a reality. All you need is a device that can connect to the Internet and a reliable Internet connection. These are the only two things you need to build an online business.


But Does this Wealthy Affiliate Stuff Really Work?


To answer this question, I’ll like to take you into our community at Wealthy Affiliate to show you real people’s results who were trained Wealthy at Affiliate and now are pulling in exceptional results.


#1 Success Story:

WA Success Story 1


#2 Success Story:

WA Success Story 2


#3 Success Story:

WA Success Story 3


#4 Success Story:

WA Success Story 4


Let us now delve into how Wealthy Affiliate works…


There is a 4-step process that Wealthy Affiliate teaches so you will have a better idea of what you will be doing during your training.


STEP ONE: Select a Niche to Transform Your Ideas into Big-time Profits


One of the first things that you will need to do is decide on the type of business you want to have. This is also called ‘selecting a niche’. Although you can choose any topic as your niche, it is often easier to choose a niche that correlates with something you are passionate about, or a hobby you enjoy.


One very good idea can create for you a very successful business online.


For example, if you are an animal lover, especially a cat lover, you could create a cat-related niche. If you enjoy knitting, create a knitting-related niche. You get the drift?


However, you can also create a business in a niche that you are not passionate about or have a lot of knowledge about. The choice is yours, and you can take your business in any direction you want to.


If you have read any Wealthy Affiliate and review online, you have probably seen that the program does offer training on finding the best niche, and also provides techniques and tools to help you come up with your own ideas choosing from over 1,000,000 different niches.


STEP TWO: Create a Beautiful, Ready for Profit Website [Design Skills Not Needed]


After choosing your niche, you will need to build a website. The website will serve as the foundation for your business.


The good news is that no design skill is needed for you to build a website within Wealthy Affiliate. The process is quite SIMPLE and takes less than 30 seconds to build a nice looking, mobile friendly, and revenue ready website. And what more, you get a secure hosting that is state of the art and ultra powerful.


Keep in mind that all of the traffic, rankings, content, and revenue your business receives will be a direct result of the website.


You do not need to be an expert in the niche you choose in order to have a successful website. As you continue to build the website and immerse yourself in your business, you will become an expert.


Consider this. Elon Musk was not always the authority expert on electric cars. However, he continuously learned about the industry and through his effort, he became the go-to person for the niche.


Starter members receive 2 free websites, while premium members can host up to 25 domains and 25 websites on the domains. I’ll talk more about this later on in the review.

wealthy affiliate membership options

STEP THREE: Attract Loads of Traffic through Tested and Proven Strategies


Traffic is the only way you will be able to grow any business, offline or online. In other words, when people choose to complete the desired action or make a purchase from your website, you will generate revenue.


Think of a pretzel stand. If you set the pretzel stand in the middle of the desert, you will not get many sales. However, if you set the stand outside of a bar or club on a Saturday night, you will likely attract many hungry club goers.


The same logic can be applied to an online business. If no one is visiting your website, you will not make any money. This is why it is important to get your website ranked in the major search engines and also leverage social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.


The Internet is home to over 4 billion potential customers!

4 Billion Potential Customers

If you do not understand how to get traffic to your website, Wealthy Affiliate will show you how. The platform will teach you within the first few lessons all about the most up-to-date traffic techniques and the best strategies for getting your website ranked quickly so that you can get relevant customers visiting your website in abundance.


It is an undisputed fact that Wealthy Affiliate members DOMINATE Google rankings, and they own a huge share of online traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate Members Know How to Rank

STEP FOUR: Make Money Leveraging Unlimited Revenue Sources

So, how do you make money? There are close to 600 million products available for you to promote as an affiliate marketer. You do not have to store inventory, no shipping and no support. You simply link companies with customers through your own personal affiliate link.


Once a sale is made, you get a percentage of the sale. This percentage can vary from a few pennies to thousands of dollars.


Affiliate Marketers Worldwide Powered By Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate does not just lead the affiliate marketing industry; they innovate and propel the industry. Over 50,000 independent bloggers that are authorities in their own fields have ranked Wealthy Affiliate as the platform to beat for Internet entrepreneurs. 50,000 people cannot be wrong.

WA powers affiliates worldwide

From the image above, you can see that Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Is 14 years in Business
  • Is in 193 Countries
  • Have 1,400,000+ Members
  • Have 1,800+ Expert Coaches
  • Have 23,000+ People Helped Daily


Wouldn’t you rather be a part of this great and dynamic movement sweeping across the internet world – Wealthy Affiliate? With the FREE Starter membership, it is an endless opportunity with zero risk.


The only exemption to starting Wealthy Affiliate FREE is if you’re currently in one of the countries that aren’t supported and these countries are:


  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam


It isn’t that people in these countries cannot join Wealthy Affiliate but they have to join as Premium members straight away. For them it is ALL or NONE!


I’m sure Wealthy Affiliate took this measure probably because of high rate of spam and fraudulent or low quality sign ups from these countries.


Therefore if you’re affected by this policy, it just means you cannot test run the system before going fully in. But from my experience with Wealthy Affiliate, this might be your best investment online yet should you take them up on the Premium Membership Offer.


So sit tight and read through this review and decide if Wealthy Affiliate would be worth investment of your money and time.


Features Available in Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners and Experts Alike to Succeed

1.0 Education

Wealthy affiliate training is real time and always evolving. It is damn very simple to follow and it works! They just don’t simplify the process, they are better in every way. I have tried a couple of online affiliate training but none comes close to what I’ve learnt and I’m still learning at Wealthy Affiliate.


Once you take the bull by the horn and go Premium, you are going to instantly unlock access to the industry’s most sophisticated training environment.

wealthy affiliate premium offer

Whether newbie or advanced marketer, the training is focused on teaching you the means of creating within the online space a successful, long term business as opposed to the countless “get rich quick” schemes that are everywhere you turn online.


Education Features and Benefits


1.1 Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes

live event announcements

This weekly live classes is done most of the time by Jay, the lead trainer in the live classes and few times by other leading industry experts. Having watched these live classes, I can attest that Jay has a way of blowing your mind and carrying everyone along in the training. You are going to advance on weekly basis your skill sets with insights into new and cutting edge strategies. This is only available to Premium members.


1.2 Plug into Over 300 Hours of Expert Education

previous live events replays

A replay of every live class is published every week and they are available to Premium members. Therefore if for any reason, you missed a particular live class, you can watch the replay. In fact you have access to ALL of the past live classes. There are training on every topic you could think of. These recorded training alone are worth 100x the membership fee.


1.3 Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)

Online Entrepreneur Certification

This is a 5 Phase, 50 Lesson course that is the heart of your knowledge base on Wealthy Affiliate platform. Completing this course is going to get you well equipped for success in just about ANY niche you chose to venture into. To stay ahead of the competition and industry trends, the training is regularly updated.  10 of these lessons are available to Starter members while Premium members get ALL 50!


1.4 Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)

affiliate bootcamp training

This training is mainly aimed at those want to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program. Nothing is left out in this training as far as the “make money” niche is concerned. Many affiliates who have taken this course are doing greatly and quite a number of them qualify every year to attend the full expense paid trip to Vegas.


Starter members have access to the first 10 lessons while Premium members have access to ALL 70 lessons!


1.5 Incredible Catalogue of Industry Training


There is a “community training” program that churns out quality training every single day from subject matter experts who share with members of the Wealthy Affiliate community their wealth of experience. These training modules cover everything you could think of running an internet business. This is available to Premium members only.


1.6 Classrooms, Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms)

classroom training


The training in Wealthy Affiliate are diverse. You can build a business online and monetize it through e-commerce, drop shipping, adsense, SEO, local marketing, Facebook ads, per-per-click, lead generation, email marketing and so on. The classrooms are there to cover all these topics.


If by chance you are unable to find the training you’re looking for, a simple request is going to have an expert within the community to build that training.


Starter members have access to 2 classrooms while Premium members can access ALL 12 classrooms.


1.8 Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training


As I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate is good for beginners and expert affiliates alike. As an expert in your own field, you can earn some extra bucks by giving back to the community. After being a Premium member for up to 3 months, you may create your own text tutorials, video training as well as courses.


What a way to subsidize your membership cost at Wealthy Affiliate as payment for training are sent monthly.


1.9 Your Own Authority Wealthy Affiliate Blog


At Wealthy Affiliate, members have their own profile blog that they use to share their experiences and their journey online. Because of Wealthy Affiliate’s authority with the search engines, these blogs rank among the highest in the world.


Within minutes of making your posts, you will literally see them in Google and other search engines, and through time, you could have many of these posts ranked all over the place. And that means huge revenue for you because every person that comes to your Wealthy Affiliate blog and ends up joining the program, you get full referral credit for them.


2.0 SiteContent

site content


It is said that content is king! It is one of the most important aspects of any online business. SiteContent within Wealthy Affiliate Premium equips you for accuracy, efficiency, content quality and lovely content design. Within this one amazing platform you can create, organize, manage, and publish your content.


Features and Benefits of SiteContent


2.1 The Ultimate Writing Platform

sitecontent writing platform


For a successful online business, quality content is a vital component. You are able to efficiently build and organize your content with SiteContent. You can also set and track your writing goals, and as well compare your writing abilities to those of the rest of the community.


2.2 Beautify Your Content with Over 1,000,000 Beautiful Graphics

SiteContent Editor Images


This feature gives Wealthy Affiliate Premium members the ability to choose and add images on their website that can be used in any way they like. Over 1+ million beautiful, niche related images can be used and they are optimized automatically for fast website load times.


2.3 Grammar and Spelling Perfection


Because none of us have perfect spelling, or grammar, this feature is highly invaluable. SiteContent is built by linguist and web content experts. It finds and makes corrections to hundreds of complex writing errors.


2.4 Plagiarism Checker


Your content is run through a sophisticated “plagiarism checker” that takes your content through the web and compares it with over 8 billion pages online before it publishes it to your website. You do not want to have duplicate content on your website as they are not good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


2.5 Templates for Efficiency


As you build out your website, you are going to create many types of website contents. With the SiteContent templates, you are able to set-up certain content structures and layout in minutes. Using this tool, you can speed up your overall content design and creation by 300%!


3.0 Support


Wealthy Affiliate has a support system like no other, where you can expect to get expert help at every turn of your online business journey.


One of the most difficult aspects of building an online business is the issue of getting help right at the time you need it.  At Wealthy Affiliate, that problem is adequately taken care of as you have access to many ways whereby you could get expert support and help.


3.1 24/7 Answers to Questions

questions within WA

We sometimes get to points in our internet business journeys that we get stuck and may have questions ranging from SEO matter, marketing issues, Google, WordPress, to other technical questions. At Wealthy Affiliate, you get help almost instantly usually in less than 5 minutes.


3.2 Live and Instant Support

live chat at wa


There is a live chat facility available within the Wealthy Affiliate platform which you can use to get help with just about any questions you may have regarding your online business. You’ll always have someone to offer help to you.


3.3 5 Minute or Less Website and Hosting Support


You get to have access to the server administrators who are actual experts in technology and they’ll respond to you usually within 5 minutes or less.


3.4 Mentoring From the Founders

My Messages with Kyle


There aren’t many companies in the world that give you direct access to the founders. Wealthy Affiliate is among the few exceptions.  As a Premium member in WA, you can PM any of the founders and get a response from them usually within 24 hours!


3.5 Direct Access to 10,000s of Industry Experts


Many successful affiliate marketers are members of Wealthy Affiliate. They use this platform to build their business and also take out time to help others. WA being a “pay it forward” community, you’re going to have thousands of industry experts hanging out within WA and you can connect with them.


3.6 Website/Wordpress Support


If you ever feel stuck with any part of your website creation and running and running of your business, you’ll have access to a community of website and technical help. Wealthy Affiliate is a home to many top WordPress theme and plugin owners and they are available to answer any questions you may have.


4.0 Jaaxy – Keyword, Niche & Website Research



This is an amazing keyword and research platform where you can uncover billions of low competition keywords and discover in seconds lucrative niches.


The success of every online business is hinged on keywords understanding and the ability for find relevant keywords that have low competition. Jaaxy research platform gives you access to billions of keywords within seconds.


4.1 Keywords and Opportunity is Unlimited


Within the Jaaxy platform, you have access to billions of keywords with just a click of a button. No matter the nature of your business, as long as you are looking to get access to keywords for your business, Jaaxy is the best deal for you.


Starter members get 30 Free Searches while Premium members get unlimited searches.


4.2 SiteRank, Tracking Your Website Rankings



Position 1 in Google


With Jaaxy SiteRank, you can find out where you website is ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing. You able to determine with these insights which of your website activities are leading to rankings in search engines and which ones are not so that you can adjust according. This is something your competition doesn’t have.

Starter members have access to 30 scans while Premium members have 100 scans at their disposal.


4.3 Niche Revelation and Discovery


Hundreds of thousands of niches out there are waiting to be tapped. Jaaxy helps you discover niches in intelligent new ways.


4.4 Reverse Engineer Successful Websites


Jaaxy through the Website Analysis platform can help you analyze top ranking websites to find out what they do that leads to their good results. You can discover metrics like keyword density, meta tags, content and backlink insights and alexa rank.


4.5 Brainstorming New Ideas

This feature allows you cut through the hottest trends. This will lead you to brand new opportunities and lets you stay in tune with the latest trends across many different niches.


4.6 Uncover Incredibly Valuable Domains

A search with Jaaxy will reveal to you domains that are available for the given keyword. This surely is the quickest and most powerful way to get valuable domain assets you could use for your business or sell off at a later time.


5.0 Websites


Wealthy Affiliate no doubt helps you build the most powerful websites in the world. To be successful in online business requires a solid foundation – a website. In addition to building websites, Wealthy Affiliate has within your platform some mind blowing useful and integrated tools for analysing, managing, ranking, and securing your websites.


The website building platform is very easy to use and at the same time quite advanced.


Website Features and Benefits


5.1 A Website Platform You Can Grow With


Wealthy Affiliate allows you to run several websites from a single platform in Siterubix. No doubt as your business grows, you are going to need a website platform that would allow for more websites and higher traffic.


A Starter member has access to building two free websites while a Premium member 50!


5.2 3,000+ Beautiful Website Designs


Being a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate gives you the access to over 3000 beautiful; “mobile” ready WordPress themes. There is just a design available for every niche website.


5.3 51,973 Website Feature “Add Ons”


Add ons are used to enhance your website’s functionalities in many different ways such as adding shopping carts, building membership sites, font plugins, image/design plugins and so on.


There are over 51,000 of these extensions available within Premium membership. They are FREE and easy to install on your website.


5.4 SiteDomains, The World’s Only Inclusive Domain Platform


Every domain at Wealthy Affiliate has WHOIS Privacy Protection, 24/7 Support, Domain Security, Next Year Guarantee Pricing, Unlimited Email Accounts, and Advanced DNS Management & Instant Set-up. One gets all these features at no extra cost when you register any domain through SiteDomains!


5.5 SiteSpeed, Amplify Your Website Speed


A website that is fast offers a better user experience. This leads to more “time on page”, higher readership and consequently more conversions.


A website that loads fast is ranked higher and Wealthy Affiliate guarantees the fastest load times in the industry.


5.6 SiteProtect, Increased Spam Protection


The security of a website is vital to the overall success of the site. Wealthy Affiliate has a SiteProtect feature that adds on your website a three-point protection layer – Comment Spam, Back Office Hacking (passwords), and Website Load Speeds (Botnet Attacks).


It is said that over 27+ million hacks were defeated this year. Sounds cool? It sure does. If you hate hackers and wish to have your website safe, you’re covered with Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteProtect.


5.7 SiteHealth, Website Analysis

sitehealth details


The overall health of a website can be determined by tracking the publishing frequency, content quality, visitor engagement and your own engagement, website feedback, plugins, Google rankings and the overall trust of the website.


Whatever it is you can track, you can improve upon and SiteHealth helps Wealthy Affiliate members do this efficiently.


5.8 SiteComments, Explode Your Website Engagement


The more engagement you get on your website will lead to better rankings in search engines. Engagement easily builds trust between you and your website visitors. Once your visitors trust you, they are comfortable with following your recommendations to buy stuffs. Hence we can say trust leads to conversion which in turn leads to revenue.


As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, you are going to have access to the “comment exchange” platform that can help you kick off and amplify engagement on your website.


5.9 SiteFeedback, A Focus Group for Your Website


This feature is going to help you get community feedback from real people in respect to your website design, navigation and the site’s overall flow.


Ordinarily, getting experts to review and give you a feedback on your websites will cost hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars. But you get it FREE as a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.


5.10 SiteSSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)


The convention with SLL certificates is that they are typically paid services that cost around $50 per year per domain elsewhere. But with your Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you can setup SSL certificates on any domain that you own completely FREE.


It is worth noting that websites with SSL installed on them these days rank much better in search engines than non-SSL websites.


5.11 Website Backup


At Wealthy Affiliate, you’re going to have your website backed up on a daily basis. If you for any reason your website crashes, you may request for your backup and you’ll be able to get your website back online again.


Similar services of this nature are paid for but you get it FREE with your Premium membership. Other alternatives are backup plugins which may not be quite reliable.


6.0 Hosting


This is an unparalleled Premium WordPress Hosting. The hosting platform provided by Wealthy Affiliate is one that you can feel safe running your business from. They allow you focus on growing your business while they take care of the technology, security and monitoring of your website(s).


Features and Benefits of WA Hosting


6.1 24/7 Manage Monitoring


Wealthy Affiliate has a dedicated team of “server administrators” that watch your sites while you do other important things for your business growth. They do this 24/7/365.


6.2 24/7 Automated Monitoring


Wealthy Affiliate sets-up on your website a sophisticated layer of monitoring to scan and find hundreds of potential critical issues.


Where these issues are found, they are dealt with to maximize your website’s performance, up-time and overall website security.


6.3 24/7/365 Site Support


Through Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteSupport, you can access their server administrators who are technical geniuses and they will address any hosting issues you may have immediately. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is at your end of the world, you would always find someone to attend to you within 5 minutes or less in most cases.


6.4 Virus and Malware Protection


It is not uncommon for websites to have “bugs”. Viruses and malware get installed on websites in very many ways. Wealthy Affiliate has a built in virus/malware protection in their hosting and their Managed Hosting ensures that your website is secure.


6.5 Powerful Servers, Powerful Sites


Your Premium hosting with Wealthy Affiliate not only gives you access to the fastest servers in the industry, they have technology layers like SiteSpeed that make your website run faster and also  more efficient for your customers.


The value of WA hosting can be comparable to $250 – $300 per month obtainable elsewhere.


7.0 Networking

wa community

Wealthy Affiliate is a community that cares. They pride themselves as “The Most Helpful Community in the World. Period”.


With the largest base of aspiring and successful online entrepreneurs in the whole world, there couldn’t be a better place to advance your network and online business than at Wealthy Affiliate.


Those you surround yourself with have a huge role to play in determining your success at whatever you do. Becoming a part of Wealthy Affiliate gives you the chance to network with highly successful marketers.


7.1 24/7/365 Help


It does not matter what part of the world you are located in, you can connect and interact with other aspiring and successful entrepreneurs. There is always someone on the platform 24 hours a day to communicate with you.


7.2 Networking with 1.2 Million Members


In the Wealthy Affiliate community, you have the ability to communicate and network with more than 1.2 million internet entrepreneurs. It is said that, “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are”. Your success is to a very large extent is dependent on the kind of company you keep. At WA, you have the right company.


7.3 Expert Mentoring and Support


The founders of Wealthy affiliate Kyle and Carson have 30 years combined experience with the online business world. There are other experts too who are available to members who somehow hit roadblocks at some stages of their online business. You have UNLIMITED access to help as a premium member of this community.


7.4 Ambassadorship Program Access


Community members within Wealthy Affiliate are encouraged to help one another. Your rank within the Ambassador ladder will rise if you render help to others and give back to the community. Not only that, your perks too associated with helping others will climb as well. Therefore as a Premium member, you have access to participating in this “pay it forward” Ambassador program.


8.0 Affiliate Programs Platform

affiliate program platform


This is a new platform at Wealthy Affiliate. The launch of the platform was announced by Co-Founder Carson on May 17, 2019.


It took almost 2 years to develop this powerful platform. Read below what Carson had to say concerning this.

affiliate platform 2 years

And what exactly is their FOCUS with this new platform? Again read what Carson had to say:

affiliate platform focus

Within this platform, you’re going to be able to:

  • Search affiliate programs with efficiency
  • Follow and manage your programs
  • Communicate directly with merchants
  • Have affiliate managers and company owners communicate directly with you as their affiliate


This no doubt this is something you’d like to be part of. Begin your FREE Starter Membership Now.


9.0 Las Vegas Incentive


This is one of the incentive based programs at Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone who is a member can take part in and it is achievable.


If in a calendar year January 1st to December 31st you are able to make 300 unique Premium referrals i.e. someone you referred upgrades from Starter to Premium, you will be invited to next Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas.


What are the Benefits for going to Vegas?

  • Flight Expenses covered (Up to $600)
  • Hotel Accommodation paid Fully
  • Private meeting with Kyle & Carson
  • 4 – Day Interactive Conference (The first day being a Meet and Greet get together)
  • Entertainment on the Vegas show
  • A few hundred bucks to enjoy, probably gamble with


If you’re able to make 3000 sales in a year, you’re going to receive VIP treatment Vegas.


What benefits would you enjoy?

  • Your flight expenses will be fully paid
  • You’ll be picked at the airport in Rolls Royce
  • Fully paid Hotel Accommodation
  • 4 – Day interactive conference
  • You’re going to get VIP treatment in Vegas
  • Entertainment on the Vegas show (VIP access)


10.0 Pros and Cons


With any type of program, there are good and not so good things that can be said about it. It is common to see pros and cons whenever you are reading a Wealthy Affiliate and review online. However, with Wealthy Affiliate, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.


10.1 Pros


One advantage is that the price for Premium membership has not increased in over a decade. With the rising cost of everything else, Wealthy Affiliate has secured assurance in members that they will not see yearly or even monthly increases.


The community is full of members with knowledge and experience. They believe in ‘paying it forward’ and are there to help new members 24/7/365. This means that if you need technical support or if you need help with anything else, someone will be around to assist you.


There is also an abundance of social proof other members post about their successes. All you need to do is look in the community.

wa success story 5


If you put forth the effort and follow the process, you can also be one of the many success stories.


10.2 Cons


If you look around the web, you will not find many negative reviews. One of the most common complaints is from more experienced marketers who feel that some of the training are not advanced. But, the training is ideal for new and intermediate marketers, and chances are, experienced Internet marketers can learn a thing or two as classes are always being introduced to meet the needs of the members.


Another downside of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can only host wordpress websites. Other website builders such as Joomla, Drupal, HTML, are not supported on WA.


Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?


Wealthy Affiliate is for any person who wants to make more money irrespective of what he does for a living as long as he can read and write and has access to a device which can connect to the Internet. Period.


Who is Wealthy Affiliate NOT For?


In my over a decade in this industry, I’ve come across programs that claim “Everyone” can do it. They say only because they want your money and they don’t care what happens to you afterwards.


It is not my intention to make you spend money on something that may not be beneficial to you. I am not interested in earning commissions on people who Wealthy Affiliate cannot help.


So let us look at who should stay away from Wealthy Affiliate?


  • People looking for Freebies will do well to stay away. There are people who want to earn a fortune online but are not willing to spend on tools and resources that will help them achieve that. It’s OK if you want to test the waters FREE to see if the program is for you, and Wealthy Affiliate has made provisions for that. That’s why you have the FREE Membership.


But if you perpetually want to remain a FREE Member, I’d advice that you don’t bother joining AT ALL because           you’ll not be doing yourself any good but just wasting your time.


After 6 months of remaining a FREE Member, WA will have no option than to delete your account to make room         for others who want to test run the system and are more likely to upgrade.


  • The second category of people who shouldn’t bother joining WA are people looking for “get rich quick schemes”. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t that kind of a program. WA is a serious business that requires the commitment of time, money, energy and resources. And if you’re able to commit to that, you’re going to build a legitimate, long term sustainable online business that is going to pay you for years to come.


But if what you just want is the “get rich quick schemes”, there are many of them but I can guaranty you that                they’re ALL SCAMS! And you will only lose your money.


  • The third category of people who shouldn’t join, at least not now is people who are in desperate need of money. If you’re in dire need of money and what you have now is probably for food and/or your rent or your children’s school fees, then you do not need to join now because Wealthy Affiliate may not make you fast money.


You may have to work on your website for 6 months before you begin to see any significant results. If you cannot         stay that long, you may do well to wait first until you can afford it.



  • The fourth category is people who do not like to write and would not pay others to write for them. Making money with Wealthy Affiliate involves a lot of writing. If you’re not a good writer, then you should be ready to outsource your content writing to people who are good at it. That would only mean spending a little more money but it would be worth it in the long run.


But you wouldn’t know how much of a good writer you are until you start writing and you so do frequently.


So if you are in any one of these for categories of people, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for you.


What is the Cost for Joining?


  1. You can join Wealthy Affiliate absolutely FREE through the Starter Membership.


  1. $19 for the first Month if you upgrade to Premium Membership within 7 days of joining WA.


  1. $49 monthly from the second month moving forward.


  1. $234/ 6 months. With this option, you save $60.


  1. $359/year if you decide to choose the yearly plan saving $229 (36% discount)! This is my favourite plan if you may ask me. Because with this plan, you would have given yourself enough time to succeed.


You wouldn’t feel any pressure of making any monthly payment. All you’ll need to be doing all through the year is       get your internet subscription and build your content. Nothing else to pay for if that’s what you choose.

wa payment options


  1. Every Black Friday and Cyber Monday, WA does give a huge discount. Last year, it was whooping 47% discount and this year may not be any less. So you can hope to pay $299 during this year’s Black Friday’s offer.

But before the time comes, you can claim your 61% discount by going Premium straight at $19 then you upgrade         during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer.


Alternative Programs to Wealthy Affiliate


SFI Marketing Group

SFI is another affiliate program just like Wealthy Affiliate which doesn’t promise overnight success but teaches hard work, dedication and commitment to one’s course.


You can test drive SFI for as long as you want. You do not have any obligation to purchase anything. As soon as you sign up, they give you access to their world-class training center which you can use for as long as you want without any cost at all. What you do with the resources there will determine your success or otherwise.


BBB Rating: A+ 



Udemy.com is a platform for online learning. Udemy offers room for people who are knowledgeable “instructors” at one thing or the other to create a course that can be offered to other people “students” free of charge or for a fee.


Over 9 million students have been served by Udemy and they offer more than 35,000 courses. Some of the courses are of extremely high-quality but very low-quality courses also abound on the platform.


You can make use of the course development tools on the platform to upload videos, PDF’s, Audios, PowerPoint Presentations, zip files and live classes to create courses which you can.


You could equally learn important skills that would be beneficial to you from other instructors. However most of the courses that are of higher quality are expensive. While the average cost of the courses is between $29 and $99, some exceed $100.


Since Wealthy Affiliate training is of high quality and the cost is only a fraction of most of the good courses you find on Udemy, I believe Wealthy Affiliate is still the better option to go with.


Conclusion and Recommendation


Hopefully, this Wealthy Affiliate and reviews guide provided more insight into the program and the types of resources that are available to members. It is not a get rich quick scheme; it is a legitimate way to build a sustainable online business.


Therefore if building a sustainable online business is what you desire and you’re willing and ready to put in the required effort, time and resources it takes, I am happy to announce to you that Wealthy Affiliate Platform is the place to take off from.

wa like to earn

Neksummi Matthias

I've been marketing on the internet since 2007 and I've classified aspiring internet marketers into three groups. First, people who want to make money without putting in the required effort to learn and the capital to get their business started. Second, people who give up easily when things don't work out the way they anticipated and third, people who have learnt a lot, put in much money, have been persistent, yet things haven't worked for them because they weren't doing things the right way or they were on the wrong platforms. If you're in the first 2 categories, I'm sorry I may not be of much help to you. But if you're in the third category or if you're entirely new to internet marketing and you'd like to learn from someone who's mastered the ropes, I'm willing to pour myself into you. Start your journey to internet marketing success today with my number one recommendation.


  1. This is a pretty accurate Wealthy Affiliate review man. I’ve been a member of WA for 7 years now and to say it has changed my life is an understatement. WA is the only place online I’m a paying member for and to be honest, it’s all you need to succeed. Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?. Only if you don’t put in the hard work and commitment to learning, your scamming yourself out of achieving success. I hope others learn a lot from your review and can turn their passion into a blooming online career.

    • Josh, you’re such an inspiration to many of us on WA. Seeing your testimonial on Wealthy Affiliate’s Special Offer tells me that you’ve had some real successes with WA. If that wasn’t so, Wealthy Affiliate would not have put up your testimonial on their sales page.

      Josh's Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial.

      And just like you, WA at the moment is the only place online I’m a paying member for. I may need some other things in the future but for now, Wealthy Affiliate caters for all my needs.

      Thanks for stopping by to drop me a comment.

  2. This is the most detailed wealthy affiliate review I have ever seen. You really took time to describe every side of wealthy affiliate. And what i like the most is that you outlined how diverse is wealthy affiliate. There is no one way or one niche with which you can make money, but there is one method the training at wealthy affiliate guides us to do, and that can be applied in any niche successfully.

    Thanks for sharing and good job!

    • Wow! To read that I wrote the most detailed Wealthy Affiliate review you have ever seen makes my head swell in satisfaction. I’m flattered! 

      I felt I needed to give the whole picture of what WA is so that when anyone decides to build his online business career using the resources at WA, he would do so with his eyes open and not blindly as many of us did in our earlier days in the industry.

      Thanks for your contribution to the discussion.

  3. A very thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. You are obviously a big fan of WA yet you include some criticism of the service in your review. I respect that. I particularly liked the discussion of the available training and support, and most especially I liked the detailed analysis of who WA isn’t for. 

    The training and support means I don’t have to be a web design expert to have a blog. WA will do it for me. So much of what I need is “plug and play”. I don’t have to understand it to use it. At the same, slowly but surely they are training me in all aspects of designing my blog. I say “slowly” but the truth is it is about as fast as I can handle it. The courses are well paced for the novice. And you are right the support is stellar. 3 AM and I’m confused about keyword searches. I hop on to live support and within 5 minutes a friendly expert had answered my question.

    All the testimonials are great, but I would like to hear more about your own personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate. What specifically it has done for you? 

    Good work!


    • Thanks for your comment and question. I joined Wealthy Affiliate about three years ago and stayed on for just about 3 months. For some reasons I stayed away for nearly two and half years and one of the reasons is that I went back chasing some other shiny objects. And this is one of the reasons many people don’t see significant progress with their online businesses.

      I only came back 6 months ago and within that period, I’ve been able to build two niche websites in addition to this website. One of the sites as at today has over 30 posts on it and the second has over 40 posts. This website is trailing behind with just over 20 posts but that’s OK. 

      So I can say WA has made me more focused and organised. I realise there are other ways of making money online and I’ve made money with some other programs but being focused produces much more results in the long run. So I’ve developed the discipline of remaining in one place at least for now to build my online business empire.

      Another good thing I’ve experienced with WA is that almost everything thing I need is within the platform. If there is any other thing I may need to pay for, it’s an autoresponder service.

      And then every of the benefits I mentioned in the post I’ve enjoyed. 

      – I’ve communicated directly with the founder on several occasions.

      – I’ve been responded to by the support team within minutes of sending my queries.

      There are just too many benefits I have enjoyed that I cannot write all. 


      But I should also mention that WA helped me learn how to rank. I pointed that out in the post but since you asked, I’m going to repeat it here. And we all know that better ranking translates to more sales.

      I must however admit that I do not have the results comparable to those testimonials I have shared of others but nonetheless, I’m making notable progress and in due time I’m going to share my own sales results. But before then, those of my fellow WA members should suffice.

      Better rankings thanks to Wealthy Affiliate training.

  4. There for sure are a lot of scams out there. I’m sorry to hear about your early days with affiliate marketing. I do appreciate you writing about them though as they help anyone who is entering the business. One tried and true platform is Wealthy Affiliate, and you’ve done well referencing it here in this post. 

    Not only is Wealthy Affiliate one of the best platforms out there, it is also one of the best communities. Tech support and/or the community is always there to help answer any questions. Again great reference and I recommend readers follow the links to see what WA is all about!

    • Thanks for your concern and recommendation. I take it as a duty to talk about my experiences so that others will not repeat same mistakes.

  5. I believe we are many that have been scammed online. And mainly it is because we are so desperate to gain financial freedom that we easily fall for anything.

    I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and it is truly a newbie haven. All info is laid out in a structured manner that is so easy to understand. Your in-depth analysis is so on point. The testimonies you have highlighted are a motivation for me to keep grinding. Thank you so much for taking your time to lay out everything.

    This is a worthwhile article.

    • Yeah Carol, I agree with you that many of us have been scammed out of our desperation to gain financial freedom. What we can do now is to spread out the word and warn others so they don’t fall for what we fell for.

      I’m glad I have witnesses to how newbie friendly Wealthy Affiliate is. One can never get lost because there is help everywhere.

  6. Hi there! I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate for more than a month. With my day job, I am still in the process of completing the training, and looking around on things. 

    Now I haven’t done anything big yet like you guys. It doesn’t mean that I’m not satisfied. With the membership I paid, what I got is being learned on so many things about affiliate marketing – things that I didn’t know and would not know had I not joined this platform. 

    I am also grateful that the community is ever helpful. I never felt like I was working on my own. Thanks for sharing a very detailed and honest review on Wealthy Affiliate! It’s always good to share information.

    • You’re welcome MissusB. It’s good to have you on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s always advisable to keep your job while you build your business. With time the business is your to replace your day job and can fire your boss.

      Keep working diligently on your website(s) and before long, you’re going to be glad that you did.

  7. Wealthy affiliate is indeed a platform for all online entrepreneurs of different levels. Not only that. They offer various possibilities of making some extra cash right within the wealthy affiliate platform by completing some basic tasks. This platform is gradually becoming the one bus stop for every online entrepreneur.

    The most amazing part is that the courses and members area are being updated on an ongoing and permanent basis. I cannot count the number of times I searched online for related resources. Every single time I returned more grateful than ever, and thankful that I belong to this wonderful community. If you are still sitting on the fence with regards to wealthy affiliate, then I strongly encourage you to try it out. Its absolutely free to join.

    • Sure, absolute free to join and test the waters. I actually forgot to mention the fact that one could make some cash within the platform by completing some basic tasks. Thanks for reminding me.

  8. I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I would like to endorse the platform. What drove me to Wealthy Affiliate was 9-5 grind that I could not take anymore. I was in my 30s and I realized that I needed another passive income for my future. We all know that the Social Security pool will not last to us, it will crash soon. I also got tired of working hard for other people and wanted to do something that will benefit me in the long term. 

    I saw other people were heading to internet marketing and I wanted to explore this area as well. However, I had no idea on how to start a site online. I know marketing, but the internet marketing is a new concept and I know that I will need training. 

    Oh boy, Did I get scam several times or what? Many times, I always fell into those do it all for you and the get rich quick. You see, I wanted the easy way out, I should have known by now that there is no such thing as easy money. One day I came across this review on the high ticket seller, and I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate name on one of the reviews. 

    I thought why not, instead of paying this high ticket seller guy $2,995 something, I rather try WA for free and take it from there if I love the platform. The rest is history, I finished my training within 2 days and was so intrigued by it. WA told me right off the bat that you have to work hard to be successful online, that goes for anything in life. 

    WA won me over when I signed up for the free membership, it did not ask for my credit card information like others. The weekly live training from Jay is amazing as well, he is doing it live and all the tricks that he shares is magnificent.

    I said enough, you might think I am biased. Just give WA a try like I did and take it from there. What is to loose?

    • Nuttannee, there’s actually nothing to lose as you rightly said. It’s free for anyone to try out. If you don’t like it, you leave. No hard feelings. I’ll only give my apology in advance for your time that would be wasted if you eventually don’t like it. But I can assure you that you’ll be blown away when you give WA a trial.

      I started this internet thingy at an earlier age than you; in my 20s while still a college student. I hated the 9-5 system and never wished to get myself into it and thankfully I’ve been my own boss since I left school. But it hasn’t been easy. Being in the right place now, things are falling into the right places.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and the recommendation too. 

  9. No question about it. I was trying to navigate my way through another popular online business building training system.  I ended up more confused than before. Luckily, my husband suggested I give Wealthy Affiliate a try because they offer a complete e-course for free and free membership for me to try out. I’ve never looked back. Everything is right here to keep you learning and growing your site to success.

    • I agree with you. Everything is right here for you to build a successful online business.

      Be sure to thank your husband for pointing you to the right path.

  10. Hi!

    Thanks for your seriously in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate!  I really liked how you listed exactly the type of people who shouldn’t join Wealthy Affiliate as it might not be right for them, ie people who don’t want to spend any money or people who need money now.  You’re absolutely right that affiliate marketing takes time and work, though I believe it’s worth it if you’ve got the drive.

    Thanks so much again!

    • I felt it was necessary for me to spell everything out clearly for people who might wish to join so that they don’t get disappointed along the way.

      And definitely it is usually worth it in the long run. One just needs to stick with it long enough to see good results.

      Thanks for your contribution to the discussion here.

  11. Thank you for such an in depth article.

    Such as you I have been scammed looking for that one shiny object. I would like to work from home but how do you trust what you are reading or what people are saying.

    I now do research the company and look into the Better Business Bureau just for that reason. For all the work and resources that you placed in your article I am going to research and try out WA. What can I lose? Something that will cost me nothing to join unless I join the premium member. It is worth a try.

    Thank you

    • You’ve got nothing to lose. Go ahead, do your research and give it a try. All the best. 

      And if you need any assistance along the way, feel free to get back to me. 


  12. Loving your review Neksummi,

    WA’s awesome, they constantly create new features to help us blogger grow our site faster. We used to spend a lot of time tweaking and worrying about our site but with WA’s upgrade, it is getting easier so much so that we need only to focus on content creation which means, we write about what we love! Newbies have it so easy, highly recommended for those serious in building an Online Business 😀

  13. It is a very engaging article! I like the way you listed out every single feature of Wealthy Affiliate together with some real snapshots of the dashboard, with arrows pointing! This is really a nice piece of article for anyone out there who want to start an online business and do not know how to start off.

    I myself joined WA just 20 days ago! But I already found the benefits and all the Pros from WA. It’s a great community and platform for online business owners!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome to WA. Good to know that you’ve already found the benefits of all the Pros I outlined.

      I’m glad that you liked the way I listed all features with screenshots where necessary. I did that to “show” my readers rather than “tell” them how WA works. They’re able to follow when I show how things are.

      I appreciate your contribution here.

  14. I like your website, everything in WA is helpful. I like the training and you don’t just get help thru Support but also from the Community if you need it. They teach you everything you need to build your website and also you can chat or interact to all your followers, helper and soon become your friends. Thanks for this kind of review.

  15. Hi  NEKSUMMI

    I just finished reading your post, The Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate and Review Guide: Legit or yet another Scam? Whew!!!! What a mouth full brother.

    But I can honestly tell you this if I was not a member of WA I would be now. You gave great information and proof.

    Question: Where did you get the proof shots?

    Amazing, great review.


    • It’s nice knowing if you weren’t a member already, you would have joined. It shows others who aren’t members already will not hesitate to be part of this great opportunity.

      I got the proof shots from within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      Thanks for your comment.

  16. Thanks for this in detail explanation of Wealthy Affiliate. I enjoyed reading this as it reminded me why I am still a member of this amazing platform after four years. 

    The most useful thing that I have learnt here is how to get traffic by ranking. I had websites in the past but always had to pay for traffic. 

    I have also learnt a ton of other things through their training and weekly webinars, but the other major plus point for me is their great hosting.  

    • You’re right Michel. The hosting in WA is top notch! And learning to rank so that you get tons of FREE traffic is a trademark of WA.

      Good to learn that you’ve been here for four years.

  17. You have created an extensive and ultimate Wealthy Affiliate review with this post. As I was reading through all the details of what you get plus the people that have had success with the platform, I could not help but shaling my head in agreement that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam at all.

    I can also say that my comment is coming from the perspective of a member. Over the past 4 years, I have been able to create an effective online business using the training found within the platform, and I still use many of the tools and features that you get access to as a premium member.

    Best of all, because I earn commissions from the work that I have done to get the online business up and running to earn commissions and income, I do not pay a penny for the platform. My work is earning the money to pay for it. Every would-be entrepreneur can do the same.

    Everyone who reads this needs to try it for 7 days and see for themselves what it is all about. Do not listen to whatever negative things you may have heard, look at it from the inside. If after the trial you find it is not for you, you have spent no money and no harm has been done. I suspect you will be like me and stick around, because what they teach works!

    • Thanks Dave for your contribution here and the recommendation. One absolutely loses nothing trying it out for 7 days.

  18. Wow! $10,000 is a lot of money to lose on bad, scammy programs. That’s easily one of the worst experiences I’ve ever heard, with regard to online business. I lost a couple thousand years ago, but it made me far more cautious.

    I learned two lessons there: 1) If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and 2) You can probably make anything work, if you really want to. The problems with number two is that it depends entirely on how far you’re willing to go. Not every opportunity is worth a hundred hours a week and thousands of dollars of invested cash, especially if the returns come trickling in very slowly.

    That’s what comes to mind when I think of MLM opportunities. They can work, but it’s only the ones who really give it their all and it can take a very long time. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, is far more practical and it’s not hard to envision the road to success that it offers.

    You get to see your website traffic growing and watch your income grow proportionately. They don’t feed you a bunch of bull about overnight riches, either. I haven’t looked back, since joining some two-plus years ago. Best thing I’ve ever done!

    • Having lost that much money. I also learnt to be more cautious. It was during my due diligence digging out the truth about an opportunity I was being lured into that I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. And I’m glad I didn’t fall for that crap.

      I’d like to follow something that is more practical.

      Thanks for your contribution to this discus. 

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