Top 20 MLM (Multy-Level Marketing) Businesses in Nigeria

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business in Nigeria has been all over the place for decades and it may shock you that there are currently more than a thousand different MLM companies and network marketing businesses operational in Nigeria as at today; though some are paying and some not paying. Also some are easier to do than others while many are just pure scams meant to swindle unsuspecting Nigerians.


With so much choices in the market and with new MLM companies being launched all the time (including the food networks), it becomes quite difficult to know which of them to join and which of them would actually pay after you have gone through all the rigours of bringing people in and selling products to earn commissions and bonuses.


To help you so that you do not fall into the hands of an MLM company that does not pay and based on my experience and from the testimonies I’ve heard from people who have tried many multi-level marketing businesses in Nigeria, I have picked out some of the best of them, my top 20 list of genuine networking businesses in Nigeria that are paying good right now.

  • Oriflame
  • GNLD (Neolife)
  • Longrich
  • Tianshi (Tiens)
  • Kedi care
  • Organo Gold
  • Trevo
  • Green life
  • Forever living
  • Alliance in motion global
  • Immeri
  • Edmark
  • Green World
  • Global Wealth trade
  • Tasly
  • MoneyMaker.ng
  • Total life changes
  • Vemma
  • Qnet
  • Jeunesse

The list above contains both long-existing companies and also the latest networking businesses in Nigeria and also those companies among the best paying MLM in Nigeria in 2020 with good compensation plans and commissions. Other good ones include Norland international network marketing and many others that may not necessarily be in the top 20.


All the companies in the list are good network marketing companies and business opportunities in Nigeria and are paying many of their registered members although there is usually a considerable amount of work and networking required but you should know that nothing good comes easy. And hey! It’s a networking business, right? So you are expected to (yes) network after registration.



Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetics MLM founded in 1967 by brothers Jonas Jochnick and Robert Jochnick. They have been a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ since 2004. Since launching 50 years ago, they’ve expanded to operate in over 60 countries around the globe, and they now have a Salesforce of 3 million independent consultants. They’re currently doing over $1.5 billion in annual sales, making them one of the few members of the coveted MLM Billion Club (those that have hit $1 billion in annual sales). There were only 20 MLMs to do this in 2016. Their corporate offices are now located in Luxemburg and Switzerland, and they have global production centers in Sweden, Poland, China, Russia, and Ireland.


Oriflame has expanded to sell its products in almost every corner of the globe…except the United States, interestingly. They sell all over Europe, in Asia, Latin America, Africa…but nowhere north of Mexico. You can still order Oriflame products from their UK website and have them shipped to the U.S. (with international shipping costs), but they don’t have any consultants reppin’ the red, white, & blue (the bald eagle-lovin’, burger eatin’ red white and blue, not the baguette and stinky cheese one).


GNLD Neolife

Golden Neo Life Diamite (GNLD) International sits atop a foundation of success that began in 1958. This heritage of success makes GNLD an industry leader in Network and Multi-Level Marketing Business in every way. Golden NeoLife Diamite’s unmatched commitment to following Nature’s Blueprint when creating their health products, coupled with the leading-edge research of GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board, guarantees the finest health products available – anywhere!


Since 1958, GNLD has been making a positive difference in people’s lives, and today are globally recognized leader in product innovation and technology. With leading-edge products that fulfill genuine human needs, it’s easy to see why GNLD’s products inspire consumer confidence and enjoy a reputation as “Simply the Best!” The excellence and efficiency of GNLD’s products makes it effective for you as a customer. Even Many GNLD purchasers have become customers for life, and it’s not uncommon for one generation in a family to share GNLD products with the next.


GNLD products provide the foundation for a solid customer base, with repeat business norm, making GNLD a sought-after business opportunity worldwide. Three ways to save money on your NeoLife Products!

1. Join as a Club Member & Save 15 to 25%off for life!

2. Join as a Customer Distributor & Save 25 off for life!

3. Join as a Business Distributor & Start your own business!


Club Member

This Membership is FREE with any Purchase. All Members shop at 15% off retail price and if you have any products on Autoship, you’ll save up to 25% off. Order directly from the NeoLife Club site and save 15% off on every order for the rest of your life!
No monthly minimum order required, no catch, no membership fees.


Customer Distributor

Save 25% off the retail price with every order. With Neolife Customer-Distributor program you receive a 25% discount off listed retail prices every time you order for the rest of your life! Just purchase your products for your own use or for your family and friends. Access to the company discount ordering website and 800 number. No monthly minimum orders required, no monthly fees.


Business-Distributor Promoter

Save 25% off retail price on all products for life. No financial risks – you don’t have to keep inventory unless you want to! No purchase requirements or monthly minimum order. Neolife will drop-ship to your friends and customers! Neolife will also process all your customers’ credit cards for easy shopping!



Longrich Bio-Science Co. Ltd, (Longrich) is one of the leading companies that dominates in the production of Health Care, Cosmetic/Skin Care, Household Cleaning, Furniture, Real Estate business and many more products.

Jiangsu Longliqi Bio-Science Co. Ltd (Longrich) has one of the largest and most advanced centers for research and development of cosmetic and healthcare products in Asia (Southern China). The company has more than 12 000 employees, more than 35% of which are Doctorate students, field experts, and highly trained professionals. For the past 31 years the company has seen steady growth in both expansion and market share.


Jiangsu LONGLIQI Bio-Science Co., Ltd (Longrich) is located in the LONGLIQI Bio-Industrial Park, which covers an area of more than 133 hectares (about 500 acres). It produces more than 1000 products in eight categories, including household, cosmetics, health care products, furniture, real estate and logistics. It is one of the largest and most advanced center for research, development, manufacture and sale of cosmetics and health care products in China. It has a total of 10,000 employees. In the past 26 years, the company has developed a healthy and steady manner and has become a leader of the national cosmetic industry.


To entice people to join Longrich Bioscience, they have created more than one way to make money. They have bonus systems in place as follows:

Performance Bonus (8% to 12% weekly)

Development Bonus (10% weekly)

Leadership Bonus (10% to 45% weekly)

Maintenance & Repeat Order Bonuses (4.5% per cycle)

Breakaway Bonus (21% to 45% per cycle or monthly)

SD Development Bonus or Horizontal SD Bonus (10% per cycle or month).


Tianshi (Tiens)

Tiens Group was established in 1995 by Li Jinyuan. Tiens entered the international market in 1997.The company’s first product offerings included traditional Chinese medicinal products, calcium tablets, and instant coffee. In 2008, they reported having 12 million MLM distributors worldwide, including more than 40,000 in Germany, and 40 million customers, mostly in Russia, with roughly 60,000 in Germany. In 2014 they reported having 200,000 distributors in Uganda.


In May 2015, the company sent 6,400 employees on a four-day tour to France. While in Nice, they set a Guinness World Record for the longest “human-made phrase”.


Today, TIENS Group has become an international conglomerate in the fields of biotechnology, health management, hotel and tourism, education and training, e-commerce, international trade, etc. Its business spans more than 190 countries and regions around the world, and it has established branches in 110 countries and regions. TIENS Group has made innovative developments in four major categories of products, health supplements, health care appliances, personal care products, and household products, and serves more than 40 million families around the world.


Kedi Care

Kedi care started operating as an MLM company in Nigeria in 2006. The company is a subsidiary of Kedi Health care Industries Ltd from Hong Kong. The product series includes a number of lifestyle essentials, as well as herbal supplements that can help address a wide variety of ailments.


Kedi is one of the cheaper opportunities to get started in, with no purchase required after registration, and no monthly targets. The no pressure setting may work well for some people, while others may find that their reps tend not to work as hard if they don’t have a target to chase.


Organo Gold

Organo gold was introduced in 2008, since its introduction, it grew so fast that the company had challenges keeping up with distributors demand for more of their product. Though not quite an old company, customers love and high demand for their product placed them far ahead of other existing companies who started before them and with them.


Organo gold is a coffee brand that has a distinctive taste, the distinctive taste comes with an energy booster that tends to be light on the stomach even after taking several cups of the coffee. One of the ingredients used for making the coffee is termed sacred Chinese herb- Ganoderma. It has been in use in China for 4000 years with medicinal benefits, with an appetite suppressant thereby making excellent option for those who want to lose weight.


The placement structure of your downline is a simple binary configuration (i.e. everyone has just two people directly below them). There are actually no less than seven ways to get paid. These includes commission overrides on sales and re-orders nine levels deep, different commissions on different levels of distributors in the first four levels of your downline, commissions on direct sales, and you can even make a cut from sales of promotional packages. Right on top there is for the real achievers, the opportunity to share in the global commissionable volume, that’s exactly where the biggest money lies.



TREVO founded in 2011 by Mark and Holli Stevens is essentially a USA based company that is genuine with a business offering and a Network Marketing Opportunity that endows its members with high paying commissions.


They know the formula for MLM success as they are a big player in the MLM wellness market.


TREVO is known for its commendable, unparalleled systems and experience and superb payouts.


TREVO has survived the harsh Nigerian business environment and has made a name for itself as one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria 2020.


Trevo LLC was started by two very competent MLM business people both of whom have extensive experience in both network marketing and business. While it is not brand new, it has only been going for a few short years, so it is possible that the business has not been in many countries.


Trevo is a health drink which appears to have been the product of much thought and research, it contains more than 170 ingredients, most of which have been linked to known superfruits, and many of which have had their benefits well documented by researchers. The product is also available for sale on shopping sites and consumers are apparently impressed by the health benefits they have experienced. At $75 per bottle.


Green Life

Green life is a Chinese company whose aim it is to bring Traditional Chinese Medicine to the whole world. The actual company was founded in 1988, but it wasn’t until 1998 that they started using MLM as a marketing business model. The high quality and great efficiency of their herbal products resulted in massive growth, and it obviously works wonders for customer retention. The product range or mostly focused on personal health.


It is one of the more affordable MLM companies in Nigeria to get started in, while they offer some great bonuses for their top achievers, including a retirement package and a housing bonus of 100,000 USD.


Forever Living Products

Forever living products was founded in 1978


Alliance in Motion Global

Alliance In Motion Global, INC., simply known as AIM Global, Inc., is a marketing company established in March 2006. In more than 10 years of operation, Alliance In Motion Global, Inc, has established its presence strategically in different regions in the country. At present, it has 87 Business Centers and 94 Satellite Offices nationwide. AIM Global, Inc. is conceptualized to provide unmatched quality distribution of exceptional products and services through a combination of advanced technology, distinctive marketing strategies, excellent product lines and exemplary leadership that secures the success of the company. A pro-distributor concept that sets trend on distributors’ extravagant packages such as transferrable scholarships, free or discounted medical services, insurance package and world class quality products.


AIM Global is a direct sales company based in the Philippines. Founded in 2005, it offers nutritional supplements and beverages that are produced by Nature’s Way USA. The stated goal of AIM Global is to maximize the market of its products while helping its distributors gain “financial independence and economic stability.” The outlook of Alliance in Motion appears to be good with a presence throughout the world and expansion every year.


AIM Global, Inc. is the only multi-level marketing company accredited by Natures Way, Greenbay, Wisconsin, USA as its exclusive product distributor in the Philippines and other countries in the world. With its phenomenal sales contribution through its dynamic product line, the industry recognized and awarded its products with 7 achievement awards from entities engaged with product leadership and excellence in the country.


Registering is free, but you have to be personally invited. Once in, you’ll need to purchase one of the packages to get started or invite two friends.

There are three packages:

  • Global Package
  • Retail Package
  • Profit Sharing


Global Packages are the standard ones, and most people start with them.

There are 7 Global Packages you can get started with, which include promotional materials, and sample products. The first package, Promotional Package 1, costs PHP 6980 (USD $130) and the following is included:

2 Feminine Wash

2 Masculine Wash

8 Deep Cleansing Bars

6 C24/7 RP

6 Burn Slim RP

1 Liven Coffee RP


In the Retail Package category, there are even more packs to choose from. These packs award you with points in three categories: Commisional, Binary, and Positional. So to make money with AIM Global you need to buy a package, and then start buying and selling retail, while also building a team. AIM Global offers roughly 20 products related to nutrition and wellness (1). The products can be divided into four categories:

Functional Beverages

Nutritional Support

Nutritional CosmeCeuticalss



The Functional Beverages category makes up a majority of the Alliance in Motion product line. There are 10 beverages options, most of which are coffee-flavored drinks that claim a variety of health-related benefits.

The Nutritional Support category refers to five different nutritional supplements that claim several health benefits, including one that’s geared towards kids.

The Nutritional CosmeCeuticals category includes one skin care product, as well as a product that AIM Global claims to be the “world’s first glutathione sublingual spray,” which carries a variety of benefits. The NaturaCentials category includes soap, toothpaste, and specific types of cleansers for both men and women.

Compensation Plan

AIM Global has six ways that distributors can earn money:


Direct Sponsoring

Match Sales Bonus

Uni-Level Bonus

Stair-Step Bonus

Royalty Income


Focused on first model and confirmatory will power, IMMERI, which consists of German word: “IMMER” and letter “I”; materialized her official launch in year 2017. “IMMER” means “eternity” in German language; whereas letter “I “represents “International”. Immeri Global is a multinational multilevel network marketing company established in 2016 by, Tan Kam, Lau Chong Guan, and Yap Wai with 100 years of collective experience in direct selling and network marketing industry. The core values of Immeri Global is of Sharing, Rewarding, Success Breeds Success and Filial Piety have also touched the hearts of our fans worldwide as they also believe that any successful partnership comes from first fostering happiness.


The Immeri Business – What does Immeri offer?

Immeri Global is a multinational company promoting corporate leadership through its products that focus on improving and promoting global health and quality of life. These products are scientifically researched and are patented products. Immeri products have been formulated using organic and natural extracts that improve metabolic functions and also prevent diseases.


To know the background of this organization, IMMERI was established in October 2016 and has become one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in Greater China and other parts of Asia. Their high quality and green products have accelerated this growth. Now, immeri MLM has a strong base of demands among the customers in Africa (Especially in Nigeria) less than 18 months from setting up.


Immeri doesn’t stop at providing the quality products, it shares its rewards with its distributors as well through their compensation plans and different benefits. The overwhelming demand for IMMERI’S “Conscience, High Quality and Green” products have also accelerated IMMERI’S growth to the Middle-East and Africa in less than 18 months from inception.


IMMERI is a fair business platform that offers unique marketing plan with sustainable management calibers. Through IMMERI, everyone can afford to diligently develop and excel in own business venture with globalization perspective.


Endeavoring improvement in lifestyle standard for all, we are committed to explore possibility of extending the benefits of our premium quality products to every corner of the world. Through sharing on efficacies and benefits of our products; one will be amazed with the achievement of personal financial transformation in due course. Hence, the amazing resultant outcome has been regarded as prosperity factor of IMMERI business. With Immeri’s ground breaking technologies, BioENZ and SMART (patented), the nutrients from functional foods are enhanced making them easier to absorb and boost efficacy. When consumed, the digestive enzymes in Adwelle help to increase metabolism and strengthen immune functions.


How do you become an Immeri distributor?

You become a distributor by purchasing one of the distributor packages listed below.

Distributor Packages:

Classic package – N59,186

Agency package – N295,930

You can choose one of these by paying the respective amount and get registered as a distributor.

It’s a onetime registration fee.

It’s now time to check out the benefits.

What are the benefits of the Immeri Compensation Plan?

This immeri MLM review won’t be complete without talking about their compensation plan.

Once you become a distributor, you will be paid a 5% referral commission.

It will be credited to your bank account directly for every person that joins you in this business.

The commission of 5% is from either one of the packages your referee chooses and the link goes on.



These Immeri distributor rewards packages work on both the first and second levels and are realistically profitable and among the top-rated plans currently in the MLM industry.


The immeri compensation plan is a simply structured compensation plan strategically designed to ensure every distributor or partner earns well and makes a substantial profit out of selling their products. When you sign up with the basic package of N59200 (Classic package), you will get Immeri products worth around N80, 000.


So you, 5% referral commissions on your first and second level.

You will receive a 10% commission as a sales bonus.



Edmark Group of Companies was founded by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Sam Low Ban Chaiis.

Today it is a multi-million dollar company and a global presence in over 25 countries.


Edmark manufactures MLM based products and caters to the entrepreneurial interests of aspiring members and is also expanding into the real estate development market.

This is truly reflective of the letter “D” in red color to represent its perpetual “dynamism” which was conceived when Edmark began its journey ever Dynamic Marketing in 1984.


Green World

Greenworld is one of the top Chinese MLMs that promotes traditional Chinese medicine.

Their products span health and beauty based on Chinese medicine.

If you’re looking for a company that has been around for a long time, then green world can be said to be one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria 2020.


Global Wealth Trade

Global wealth trade company was created in 2005 by Ramin Mesgarlou, its headquarter is in Toronto, Canada. It sells various luxury products, such as handbags, shoes, bag accessories and jewelry.




The MoneyMaker online multi-level marketing platform is owned by NG44 Consulting, you may have heard of them, a very reputable company in the Nigerian online space with their head office in Benin City, Edo State so there is no fear of whether it’s real or a scam. These guys sure know what they are doing. They already have a lot of members who are making progress and doing well with them and people are rushing to join every day. MoneyMaker.ng is an e-learning platform combined with an online Multi-Level-Marketing Networking Platform. You make money by inviting people in or when people buy digital products from their online shop through your affiliate link.


MoneyMaker.ng has a referral program where you can become an Agent and earn commissions when you refer people to buy online ebooks, video courses and other products from their Online Shop through your customized link or when you refer people to join as Agents through your link. Also it cost little to join, you can join with as low as N1000 and you do not need to spend money buying products because all their products are online and all you just have to do is to get people to buy the products through your link. And they have some very good products too.


Payments are very fast and made 24 to 48 hours after you cross N100 (hundred naira) in commissions and there are lots of proofs and testimonies of people all over the internet who have been paid and who have made it big in just a few months through MoneyMaker.ng. You can either join as a free member or as an Agent. Free members cannot earn commissions unless you upgrade to one of the three Agent Plans of Bronze, Silver or Gold. Each of the plans have different benefits.


There are four simple ways to make money as a MoneyMaker Agent.

  1. You can earn commissions when people buy our products and online courses through your referral link or through the links of agents in your downline (i.e. agents under you).
  2. You can make money by referring others to join under you as Agents.
  3. You can make money by learning various skills and home based businesses that you can do to generate extra income for yourself.
  4. You will be given free resale rights ebooks, digital textbooks and online courses that you can sell and keep all the money for yourself.

Total Life Changes


Vemma Nutrition Company was a privately held multi-level marketing company that sold dietary supplements. Founded in 2004 by BK Boreyko, Vemma Nutrition Company is rapidly growing as one of the premier industry leaders specializing in premium liquid nutrition. Every week, thousands of people join the company’s mission to make a positive difference in the lives of others through the sharing of the clinically studied Vemma formula. The Vemma brands, including Verve — a healthy energy drink — coupled with the company’s rewarding business opportunity, help people to live a better quality of life, both physically and financially. Vemma is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and distributes its products through a global network of independent Brand Partners.


On August 21, 2015, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Vemma, freezing the company’s assets and seeking injunctive relief for consumer redress. The FTC alleges that Vemma is a pyramid scheme; that Vemma has misrepresented participants’ earning potential; and that the Boreyko family has inappropriately incorporated dozens of companies with the same staff, facilities, and commingled funding. The restraining order was set to expire fourteen days later unless extended. The company itself, CEO Benson Boreyko, and distributor Tom Alkazin were named as defendants.


On September 18, 2015, the judge ruled that Vemma had been operating as a pyramid scheme and that their marketing material had been “deceptive and misleading”. Accordingly, the judge appointed a monitor to oversee their business, and barred them from resuming normal operations.


Vemma had four product lines, all based on their core Vemma nutritional formulation: Vemma, Verve, Bod-e and Next. The name “Vemma” is an acronym representing: vitamins, essential minerals, mangosteen, and aloe. Several of the company’s products contain caffeine, with some drinks in the Verve line being similar in caffeine content to energy drinks. The “Verve” line was one of the official drinks (along with Gatorade) of the Phoenix Suns, which also acted as a distributor.


Vemma is highly absorbable, bioavailable, nutrient dense, vitamin and mineral formula designed to support 95% of your cellular functions and provide you with the ultimate anti-aging protection. Two ounces a day provides powerful phytonutrients and supports your body with anti-aging antioxidants to fight against free radicals and oxidative stress. Fuel your body with the ultimate source of wellness insurance and give a strong boost to your immune system. Featuring two clinical studies, the Vemma formula has been independently and scientifically validated. Studies show that individuals who consume Vemma on a regular basis exhibit:

Significant improvements in immune markers

A lowering of CRP- an important marker for inflammation

Superior antioxidant absorption

The Vemma formula provides a superior foundation for wellness and is an excellent source of anti-aging protection.



Qnet was introduced in the Philippines in 1998, and now the headquarters are situated in Hong Kong. The company was founded after a great team of network marketers fell victim to the scams of a USA company and they decided to create their own network marketing company.


Their product range is very diverse, ranging from educational products, holidays, and motor care, to health, wellness, personal care and even watches. This means that your range of prospective customers is indeed quite vast, spanning multiple income classes. Qnet presently has offices in 25 countries and repps in more than 100 countries. This means they exploded onto the scene loke other MLM companies, but they gradually and systematically expanded.



Jeunesse global holdings LLC is a USA based network marketing company founded in 2009, it is relatively a new company but it has already expanded into 85 countries globally.


The product line is a blend of anti-aging, skin care and nutritional products. This relatively new MLM Company in Nigeria appears to be aimed more at the higher income earners, and as such you may want to consider the type of person you would be dealing with as customers and prospects, and if you feel comfortable in those circles or not. The compensation plan is a binary model, which works for some people and not for others. You may also want to look at the fine print of some of the commissions, which has a number of prerequisites you need to fulfill in order to qualify for some of them.


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