Undeniable Facts about Deceptive Online Money Making Programs That Your Friends Will Be Glad You Knew

deceptive online money making programs

One too many popular online money making programs instruct people to order for a fantastic money making secret that can make them outrageous fortunes over night. The people who responded to this offer were sent an ebook. The e-book describes how to sell e-books and information products on the internet.

Not once in their full-page advertisement do they mention that what they are selling is an e-book on how to start your own business selling e-books on the internet, yet that’s what you received from them.

In their offer, they refer to what you are going to receive as ‘a secret’ or ‘our revolutionary plan’ or ‘special material.’  The question is, why didn’t they say in their offer that they were selling an e-book on how to start your own e-book sales business?

After all, the e-book they send teaches how to get fabulously wealthy selling e-books on the web such as e-books on home gardening, sports, financial strategies etc.

So, why is there no mention of a book in their offers? The e-book explained how to set up your own website, place advertisement, and maintain a good mental attitude and a few other common business tips. But, in a nutshell, the e-book instructs you that the way to make your millions is to take out space advertisement and classified ads in magazine, newspaper and on the internet to sell e-books.

The advertiser delivered his end of the bargain. It is possible for someone to make a fortune selling e-books. You think over it. Although the e-book that was sent to you does a good job of motivating and gives you some important basics on starting and running your own business, you are skeptical about putting in a lot of time, effort and money into selling e-books or you don’t even have enough money for the promotion. So, you decide it is not for you.

You actually have not given the plan an honest try. Therefore you do not take advantage of the money back guarantee they offered you. Or you plan to ask for a refund, but you just don’t seem to get around writing a mail for a refund. Before you know it, the fourteen or thirty-day ‘trial period’ is over and you are stuck with the ‘secret plan’.

Does this sound familiar? 

If not you will definitely encounter an offer such as this in the near future as you search for ways to start a pre-packaged home based business. Millions of people go through this every year. Whether the plan instructs you to sell e-books, European cars, government jeeps or credit secrets, the results are often the same. You get a plan that could make a lot of money, but most reasonable people will not risk attempting them.

Their advertisement brings to mind some new and special secret that will make you rich, some special process or tricks that will make you rich overnight. It doesn’t bring to mind selling e-books on the internet.

So why not simply advertise the e-book? Why not tell people they will be shown how to get rich selling others on selling e-books? Why not? What kind of offer do you think people are more apt to buy into?

  • An advert offering unlimited earning potential with very little investment using a secret plan or materials.


  • An advert offering e-book on ‘how to start your own business selling e-books on the internet.

Most people would answer the first advert of course.  Everyone wants to have their own low investment, high yield profit business. They are enchanted by the opportunity to cash in on some new miracle, money making formula. On the other hand, many people don’t want to buy and read another e-book, nor do they want to attempt to sell e-books on the internet.

Let us look at examples of the types of the programs I am talking about

‘’Earn $ 1500 Weekly Stuffing Envelops at Home’’

This type of program is sometimes promoted as ’envelop stuffing’, sometimes as ‘packaging and mailing out manuals’, or ‘stapling booklets’, or ‘data entry at home’, or some other creative variation. Many of the people promoting them may be honest, but they have been misled by the shady companies behind the program.

Why do these kinds of programs continue? First of all, the advertisements are very enticing. They usually say something like ‘Earn $ 2.00 for every envelop you stuff’ Work at home! Everything supplied! Success guaranteed!’ or ‘Earn $ 15.00 for every booklet you staple’ or Earn $ 30.00 for every form you fill.’ You tell yourself, ‘All I have to do is stuff a lot of envelops, assemble books or stable booklets and I’ll get rich! You get so pumped up that you are ready to provide your credit card details for that ‘good faith’ deposit of $ 30 or more. It is so easy, (something I am always pointing out it seems).

But, think about it for a second, if a promoter has a legitimate business going for them, why would they need home workers to ‘stuff’’ their envelops or ‘staple’ their booklets? Don’t be fooled by them that their staff cannot handle it, or some implausible excuse. The facts are, they could easily go to a mailing house and have their sales letters machine printed, folded and inserted into envelops for pennies each. Why would they want to pay someone $2.00 for something they would have done for pennies?

Staple a booklet? Why would anyone pay you to do this when a machine can do it instantly, and all day long for about 2 cents per booklet, no matter the size.

Now they will tell you to promote the same program, out of your pocket of course. If the customer’s order, you get a commission. No order, no commission regardless of how much advert you place. The promoters are getting rich with the registration fee they charge you.

There are several others space will not permit me to talk on but let me just mention them.

Get one million people to send you $ 2.00

While it is possible to get a million people to respond to our ad or circular, it is not likely for example, if you do the math at an improbable 1% response to your ad, you would have to get your ad in front of 100 million potential prospects to get your one million responses! This is just not realistic! Also this program is unethical for other reasons. You are not getting anything in return, except the deceitful advice to go ahead and place the same ad to dupe others! This certainly will not build you a home business. The key to have home business success is repeat business.

Be A Millionaire In One Month, GUARANTEED!

No legitimate program can guarantee that you will make a dime, much less a million dollars! Period. Be Realistic.


In conclusion, I’d like to say that you should be realistic. I realize there are some sleazy operations in this market, but there are in every market. A lot of people have completely unrealistic expectations & then of course, they feel ‘ripped off’’ when money doesn’t pour out of the sky after they order something.

Make sure to go for programs that are genuine and make a lot of sense to you and not those that are too good to be true.

Feel free to share with us your thoughts and comments about this topic and also share some deceptive money making programs you’ve had experience with so that other readers of this blog will be warned about them.


Neksummi Matthias

I've been marketing on the internet since 2007 and I've classified aspiring internet marketers into three groups. First, people who want to make money without putting in the required effort to learn and the capital to get their business started. Second, people who give up easily when things don't work out the way they anticipated and third, people who have learnt a lot, put in much money, have been persistent, yet things haven't worked for them because they weren't doing things the right way or they were on the wrong platforms. If you're in the first 2 categories, I'm sorry I may not be of much help to you. But if you're in the third category or if you're entirely new to internet marketing and you'd like to learn from someone who's mastered the ropes, I'm willing to pour myself into you. Start your journey to internet marketing success today with my number one recommendation.


  1. Great article and very informative. Yes true there are so many hypes and scams out there trying to deceit people who wish to make money online. I was once a victim of this scammed platform and after joining WA, I no longer entertain those kind of invitation knowing that practically it is impossible to make millions overnight or even hundreds in a single day. I just can’t reconcile why they are doing this kind of deception just to make money.

    • Thanks for stopping by to read my post and I’m glad you found it informative.

      It sure beats one’s imagination why people would be doing deceitful programs just to make money. We shall keep on exposing deceitful programs and promote genuine programs such as Wealthy Affiliate who are out there to help people.

  2. Great post Neksummi. I was actually laughing at myself while reading it because many years ago I had tried some of these fake money making opportunities like envelope stuffing or my favorite, posting a canned message to an email list that would earn me $10 per email.

    Knowing what I know now I laugh every time I see examples of deceptive advertisements that get people to buy the offer. I agree with you that the promoter of the e-book offer should have mentioned that selling e-books was how you were going to make money. That is how you build trust.

    The way I make money online now is to provide business solutions to people looking to be their own boss. I give them “Real” options and I fully explain the money making process. I want my future customers to trust me and not think I am trying to trick them out of their money.

    • Sure Robert, building trust is very important in trying to sell money making opportunities to people. In fact it is important in every type of business. The moment your customers begin to distrust you, that spells doom for your business.

      Let’s keep doing the right and also not stop exposing the bad eggs amongst us in the internet marketing space.

  3. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about the money-making programs and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


    • Thanks Ali for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post. Feel free to share this post with your friends as well.

      You’re always welcome to come back to this website to read more of my posts.

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